Next Generation Window Air Conditioner

Next Generation Window Air Conditioner

Next Generation Window Air Conditioner

There are Air Conditioner manufacturers all over the world but Midea is shining high amongst them all. Traditional Air conditioners use the vapor-compression cycle system whereas Midea uses state-of-the-art technology. It consumes lesser energy to deliver cool air with a minimum of noise. Using a traditional air conditioner has its disadvantages. They are very noisy; energy consumption is at a higher rate and hard to install. Media has reinvented its design to overcome those traditional problems using U-shape design and flexible installation steps.

Smart Features available with Midea Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

Inverter Quattro Technology

It is able to provide an airflow up to 20 feet and fast cooling your home with the dehumidifying cooling system to refresh your homestay during the entire day. The energy consumption of the Midea air conditioner is very low due to the technology it uses. Midea is the first air conditioning system to obtain the energy-efficient certificate in 2020 because of its record-breaking 35% energy saving ability.

Design of U-shape

One unique design was able to change the whole world of air conditioners. U-shape allows the installation very easy for their consumers where it can be fitted to your window easily. You don’t get a blocked window even you have a Midea air conditioner installed. Also, you can keep it open to get some fresh air flows to your home as per your wish.

Once you installed the unit, window act as a barrier to its noise and inverter system guaranteed ultra-low noise as well as low vibration. This is 9 times lower than the traditional system.

Smart Control

The unit can be controlled manually as well as remotely. Consumers mostly use the remote system. The installation of the MideaAir app on your iOS or Android device enables you to control the air conditioner from anywhere since the unit is equipped with Wi-Fi. Not only that, It includes a voice control system compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to control your home, office, or apartment. When the unit is not in use it automatically locks the window with the help of its anti-theft mechanism.  

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  • Gurantee of an Uninterrupted Sleep
  • It uses minimum energy to keep your home cool and refresh
  • It helps you with your monthly bills while saving electricity
  • Smooth and consistant air flow
  • Easy to install on your window
  • User friendly operation system
  • Provides extensive and faster-cooling mechanism


  • Does not work well with big rooms with high temperature
  • Sometimes need to drill window holes to install

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