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Best Tablets for Kids 2020 [8 Comparisons]

Best Tablets for Kids 2020 [8 Comparisons]

Best Tablets for Kids 2020 [8 Comparisons]

Best Tablets for Kids 2020: What are the essentials when traveling with your kids? Passports? Clothes? Medication? Food? TABLET??? Now you may be wondering why you need a tablet. Of course, it is essential for family trips. That’s because it is a very popular and useful way to keep your children entertained and employed at the same time also. On the other hand, you can use a tablet for educational purposes too. Consequently, all the apps, games, movies, books, and tv shows will be right at your fingertips. Besides, it won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Best Tablets for Kids

Speaking about tablets, the next question will be what is the best tablet for kids? So here we are to help you. Following are the reviews of the best tablets for kids 2020 and you can choose one from them.

1. Amazon Fire Kids Edition – Best Tablets

This is the most older tablet amongst the best tablets for kids 2020. Moreover it’s a Fire HD 10 tablet with the features of a kid-proof case, a two-year replacement guarantee, and a vast range of pre-installed kid-friendly content. Besides you will get a one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited even. Other important features are it’s long-lasting battery and the availability of parental controls mainly for the kids between 3-12 years.

2. iPad mini – Best Tablets

If you have an older kid and not willing to go for higher prices but still want the best for your child, this will be a good choice for them. Similarly iPad mini has a very sharp display with an amplified processing speed and parental controls that may be configured. Additionally, you will get access to the exclusive Apple apps too. The size of the iPad is travel friendly too.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition. – Best Tablets

This third tablet is for parents who don’t prefer Amazon or Apple products. Samsung Galaxy tablets will be a good choice for you indeed. Specifically, the price is affordable, and the battery life is also very good. Additionally Tab A  comes with a kids proof case and parental controls.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite – Best Tablets

Being one of the best tablets for kids 2020 Tab E lite is quite similar to Tab A. But the package is smaller and affordable. And this is ideal for toddlers. Furthermore, the case and parental controls are the same as Tab A but the screen size and the memory are smaller. And also Tab E comes with pre-installed Samsung Kids educational apps and parental controls as well.

5. Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 Kids Tablet – Best Tablets

On the whole, the plus features of this tablet are the shock-resistant bumper with the swiveling built-in stand, display with blue light filtering. Similarly, this app comes with a range of kid friendly educational apps and advanced parental controls. And the parent reviews are great.

6. Ematic PBS Kids Playtime Pad -Best Tablets

Consequently, Ematic PBS Kids is a popular brand among Best Buy tablets. And also it comes with a selection of educational videos and games and access to the PBS Kids Video App. In addition, the other best features are its kidsafe® Coppa-certification, strong parental controls, and the play timer.

7. Contixo V9-3-32 Android Tablet -Best Tablets

The next on the list is this handy value-priced Android kids tablet has several pre-installed educational apps with additional options at Google Play. Moreover, it comes with a protective bumper case (which is available in different colors) and parental controls.

8. Lenovo Tab 4 (Renewed) – Best Tablets

The last in the list id this particular tablet is designed to allow several users to share one tablet via their own user account. Finally the one for the whole family! Consequently, the two most impressive features of Lenovo Tab 4 are the front Dolby speakers and the long-lasting battery. For instance, if you are willing to buy the additional Lenovo Kid’s pack, you’ll get a shock-resistant bumper and blue light screen filter too. Additionally, there will be a dedicated “Kids Account” with specially curated content for kids.