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Learn to Set Up Geo-Fencing & Receive Alerts

Learn to Set Up Geo-Fencing & Receive Alerts

Learn to Set Up Geo-Fencing & Receive Alerts

If you are not tech-savvy, it does not mean that you are a newbie in the internet world. Today, people with no schooling background can do a lot on mobile phones. It shows how much technology has converted the complicated processes into user-friendly apps. If we take an example of a location tracking app, we can see how much it has become easy to track the whereabouts of someone. Click to open it, download it, and check the online location remotely. That’s the whole story!

But you can get more than only location tracking. The What?

Well, here, our point of talking is GEO-fencing. It is the location-based service (LBS) that send alerts while user entering and exiting. 

It’s time to get into details about LBS. 

Geo-fencing – What It Is?

It is the process that refers to the virtual perimeter for real-world . A user can predefine the boundaries. For example, parents can set the school zones for their kids, and the app will send the alerts when he/she enter or exits. 

Is It Possible to Setup Geo-Fence Without App?

Yes, it possible if you get the target device victim longitude/Altitude from a digital ad network. The end-user can get help from location providers to avail the algorithms of geo-fence areas. 

Why Business Needs Geo-Fencing?

Are you running a local business? Well, geofencing helps a lot to generate sales by local customers. It empowers you to attract the local audience and shows you how they respond to your emails. Geo-fencing also lets you detect the other town audience who visits the same stores. You can attract them with discounts & catchy deals. Find some new customers in your zone? Let them see your local business with a cheeky bit of sale. This feature works as a link between your offline and online brands’ components, which can boost your sales and conversion rate. 

How Do You Get Geo-Fencing Feature to Track the Mobile Phone?

Many mobile trackers in the market allow the user to get geofencing features at affordable rates. The end-user needs to buy the license to avail of such location-based services. 

How Does It Work?

An app that offers a geo-fence feature requires an installation process on the target device. When the end-user downloads it, he/she can set the virtual geographic zones. It uses GPS to find out the location of the target device. After GPS tracking, the end-server will receive alerts about the current location of the device. 

Want to Know the Powerful Mobile Trackers?

Well, check out our next section. 

1 – TheWiSpy

2 – Spyzie 

3 – XNSPY 

4 – FamiSafe 

5 – Spyic 

Final Thoughts

Geo-fencing is the new Location-based service trend that helps us in multiple ways. Choose the best mobile tracker like TheWiSpy and secure your loved ones. Working parents can’t track the location 24/7 of their kids. But they can receive alerts if their kid goes to any prohibited zone. GPS location tracking is more common than any other way as it helps to secure your business in various ways.