Don’t believe the marketing! Robot chefs aren’t what you think they are

There is nothing more upsetting than deceiving the marketing. You have bought a bottle of hot sauce because of the advertisements you have seen. You are expecting it to numb your senses, only to recognize that it hardly passes as Taco Bell’s mild sauce. Perhaps you went to buy a wearable air conditioner because you have been swearing from your outdoor exercises, but will recognize later that you have paid for a cooling neckband but nothing other.

As I am not an expert in the marketing field in the world, it is able to agree on one of the main targets of various types of marketing. Instead of the brand, service or the vents is to make consciousness and the publicity. It is very clear that companies have to long handle the eventual buyers with attractive dialogues. Anyhow sometimes the publicity train is too much and able to wreck expectations when the buyers like you. And finally, we look into hands on the items and services that are hailing.

When considering smart kitchen homes, there are many smart devices that are very easy to store, have great usage, and are suitably emphasized in most of the parts. Let’s look at the field glasses a little bit closer at the home that may mislead the general consumers. Especially the smart kitchens and future robots.

The dream of robot chefs

Imagine walking downstairs in the morning, still, the eyes are half shut, going to the kitchen and announcing to the thin air: “Now Breakfast”. Then within one second and free pair of ceiling-mounted robot arms are coming toward you. And it will greet you in your language. AS you stop in the kitchen and start to categorize using the phones covered inbox. The bot arms will do your work cracking the eggs, grinding coffee beans preparing plates and cutleries for the morning meal. And they will make the burners according to the right temperature.

Within a short period of time like 10 minutes, the robot chef will finish the work. After serving the food, it will be smart to clean the things and take the dishes into the sink, and the robot will do the dishwashing by himself.

Note that such a novel concept of an automated kitchen is towards us. Or else it is at the final stage of the development. All the robot chefs may be off the mark on what interested users are expecting.

The reality of robot chefs

Don’t believe the marketing! Robot chefs aren’t what you think they are

Robot chefs unless a living pair of bot arms or a  tiny device are coming to take their places in the home kitchens. The products such as Julia by Nymble, a Delhi, Indian-based, and the Thermomix’s TM6 cooking bot is going to provide a smart cooking device experience that nobody has done. Anyhow as we have found earlier, The bots are coming to the market as a full food-making solution. In real life, nothing more than a touch screen that you have to do any amount of spade work, measuring. As well as the other cooking works that we expect robot chefs to do completely.

Next, consider the price points: At the moment the devices like Julia and the TM6 are like $1,000 or more than that. Concerning the rail-mounted robot arms such as Samsung Bot Chef and the Moley’s The Kitchen, you have to support this impact. You can expect these robot chefs to prepare various 5,000 recipes. They are using tech arms and the technologies used to control the motions of the chief masters. The kitchen costs $335,000. For this change, you can buy a new house.

Like the past technological inventions, the prices are mostly lined up with pocketbooks of rich lifestyles. As time passes the privacy of these robots is going down though many of them can be seen now.

The affordable alternatives

For the moment, there are lots of inexpensive goods like Julia and the TM6 the robot chefs that are considered all devices. In reality, human touching is very important for the preparation and making of foods.

 It seems like we are going towards a difficult path. Note that there are robot chefs. They have got no prices for the homeowner. They are not completely family-friendly. Though the robot chef is the working there still requires the human hands and the brain.

You will ask yourself, is there any method to make a smart kitchen without taking a second contract. The answer is yes with the caution that preparing foods with the technology requires a more pieces than we expect.

How to build your own smart kitchen

Do you know that the Amazon Echo speaker that you bought for streaming music can be used for your smart kitchen controller?  The same thing is available for the devices like Google’s Nest Audio and Apple’s HomePod speaker. Arranged as a very important smart hub.  The best thing you see in these web connecting speakers are allowing you to control and manage any smart device you are using at home.

There is nothing too fond like addressing Alexa to turn down the heater by 10 degrees. And also use Amazon’s voice assistant with your Ecobee Smart heart without even moving a finger. The same thing is available for locks, lights, screens, home secure devices, and any other smart device that can bring up to your home. And note that the fun does not limit to the kitchen.

Using Smart Speakers for the smart kitchen

It is true that there will be many smart speakers that have a market for home kitchen needs. As this generally relates to Google Assistant how many cups needs for a quart or using the Echo Show smart screen to get new recipes for the meal preparation. There are many smart home devices that have been made by tailors which will be a part of your kitchen.

Think that you are making dinner and put some roasting on the stove, but you have to fill too much water. Rather than concealing to the sink as the potatoes bigfin to be brown, you can use a smart device to free it up. Instead of measuring the correct amount of water that the food requires, you can tell your Echo Dot Alexa to pour some water. So you even do not need to touch the faucet, the smart hub will indicate the sink device. It will spread enough of the water that you asked for.

If you notice that you are confused to make foods at the right time, there are many famous slow cookers that can link with your home WI Fi. Have the speed pot smart wi-fi pressure cooker. After you have linked the cooker with Wi Fi use Alexa to control it. Ask the voice assistant to look for good recipes and to make a soup. Additional requests are available in the Instant Pot associate app too.

Using Wi Fi for the smart kitchen

From smart fridges, you may need to go to the store for smart dishwashers that can function while you are going home. The number of devices that can link with your smart kitchen increased day by day.  By joining a smart plug or two for the mix, you can prepare a set of kitchen instruments that will not put the feet in the smart waters.

However, when it comes to a doubt that the prices of the robots chefs will come to human approachable. Then you can have a superb smart hub and many high-quality instruments for your smart kitchen.

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