Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

Here we suggest you more than 25 android accessories as gifts that can help you to get the best use from your android mobile.

Have you ever had a mental struggle to find the best gift for your friend or partner? Didn’t you think about gifting android equipment as a gift? I’m sure you did and found it bit difficult. Because in this vast world of mobile accessories, most of the equipment are tending towards iPhones. But that doesn’t mean we cannot find accessories for our android mobiles. That will make a great gift to your android mobile-owning friend. The only thing is we have to have the knowledge about them. You have to make sure that what you are buying is worth to spend your money. When you figured out those doubts you struggle will be vanished.

If you still find the task is difficult, here is the solution. Just spend few minutes to read this article. This will help you to find some of the smartest android accessory gift ideas that you can make your friends the happiest. And these accessories are not only for androids. Some are designed for only androids while some are made for all the models of the mobile phones.

Let’s take a look.

After you have read this article you will realize that finding android accessories as gifts is as not as difficult you thought.

“22 android accessories as gifts”

01. Comfy, high-grade codeless ear buds

We have two suggestions under this topic.

Firstly, Sony WF-1000XM3 codeless background noise terminating ear buds.

Don’t worry. These are truly codeless. We assure that you can trust them. You can find this specific SONY ear buds on amazon for $178. You won’t regret the dollars you spent. These are the top-rated ear buds in the online market these days. Because it is codeless and it has a great effect of terminating the background noises too.

And you may find it so comfy because of its in-ear fit. They acts like ear plugs here. We assure you this SONY ear buds are 1000% comfortable than other ear buds just barely resting in your ear lobes. Especially those IPhone’s Air Pods.

You will be astonished by the sound of this little gadget. It is surprisingly good. We can’t actually believe that sound is produced through this little thing. That great sound is combined with its ability of terminating the background noises and both will make the perfect gift for your friend or the partner. 

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.
Android accessories as gifts

Secondly, a minus costly duo of codeless ear buds.

  •  JBuds Air ear buds from JLab Audio.

We can understand that you may having money problems. Yet don’t worry. We have the solution for that too. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of codeless ear buds with great functions. These customizes JBuds ear buds are available just for $50 on Best You don’t have anything to think about. Nothing at all. It is just a solid half from the previously mentioned ear buds’ price.

And don’t worry about the quality too. The quality is at a same level with compared to those branded ear bud models. Sound quality of this JBuds is at the same level with SONY and Apple Air Pods. But as in everything this also has a disadvantage with it. It is not as comfy as previously mentioned ear buds. But the battery life of this JBuds is surprisingly good. It can lasts up to 6 hours. So we suggest you to try these out. This will be your favorite bufget ear buds for thereafter.

02. LED strip with a mobile app.

Does your friend or partner like to live a cozy environment? Then this will be the perfect gift. Secondly, we suggest you this DreamColor LED lights from Govee. They can make your living space the best under the sun. And it is available on Amazon for just $40. Trust me and order a strip, you will be addicted. This will become your favorite room décor here after. This can make your life easy to live on. This will add a light to your loved ones tired lives.

The best part about this light strip is that it is customizable. You can decide what color and pattern you want buy just taping your mobile phone. These LED stripes has their own mobile application.

From this app you can,

  • Set timers,
  • Adjust brightness
  • Adjust color temperatures
  • Program scenes directly from your phone.

So, that flexibility and easy work can make this a perfect gift for your loved ones. And it will be lovely for your economy too. Because it is truly very affordable. So just give it a try and thank me later.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.
Android accessories as gifts

03. Stylish pair of spectacles to let your eyes easier on screens.

As we are in this technological era we spend most of our times in front of screens. Especially during this pandemic we don’t have an option. So that can damage our eye sight. And can cause many other damages to our entire body. That is the place where we need these spectacles. They are not only just spectacle. They have the special blue ray filter. If your friend spend his or her entire day in front of a screen, then this will be the best gift. 

We call it Felix Gray Glasses. They are not only just beneficial. They are affordable too. You can find this special glasses on Felix for just $95. Don’t worry. They are not in that grandma style. They are well designed and you can buy them in various styles.

This special blue ray filtering glasses has become our top favorite accessories. And another special fact is that you can buy them with a prescription or without a prescription.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

04. Small tracker to stop losing your keys and wallet

This would be a great gift for your absent minded friend. If you are shopping for a friend lie that, then this would be the perfect match. ‘Tile mate’ is a small trailer tool. This is a Bluetooth device and it can cover an area of 200 ft. range.

This can be attached to your keys and your wallet. So you won’t lost them ever again. This has a small circuit that can produce a beep noise. So whenever you have lost your keys and the wallets, you can easily tap on the Tile Mate mobile app and find your misplaced items.

And this would be a great key ring idea too.

And this specific android accessory can be attached to your TV remote, your charger, even your power bank too. Because this tool has a specifically customized Tile sticker. So we recommend you to buy and use this sticker to attach your Tile Mate to so other easily-lost items.

This great android accessory can buy on Tile at a price of just $48. And it is worth it.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

05. Camera lens kit

Does your friend love photography and don’t have a high quality camera? And you too don’t have that much budget to buy him or her a new camera? So here is the solution.

Xenvo Camera Lens Kit is the best idea for your mobile photographic friend. This specific camera lenses can give you magnificent photographs with vivid details. You can take spectacular landscape photo and really good close-ups.

There are 3 lenses in this kit.

  • Firstly, 140-degree lens
  • Secondly, wide- angle lens
  • Thirdly, 10 ˣ macro

You just have to clip the lens you want to your mobile phone. And then bring the lens into line according to your android phone’s camera. Then start the race. Your phone will be filled with thousands of high- quality snap shots.

This amazing lens kit can be bought on Amazon for $45.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

06. Bendable car mount

This accessory is called iOttie codeless Fast Charge Car Mount. This pulls double requirement by way of charging their smartphone even as maintaining it securely on their sprint. Moreover, the magnifying arm extends up to eight inches and pivots on an extensive arc for clean clarity and get entry to.

This is available on Amazon at a small price of $45.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

07. Cool home assistant

Google Nest Mini is the new song on the android accessory market. It can be bought for just $30 from Walmart.

Owners of Android devices like Google Pixel will be very happy to stay within the Google ecosystem and use the Google Assistant installed on the smart Nest Mini speaker. There are many different things you can do with Google Assistant.

Nest Mini can play music and podcasts, which you can start and control with your voice. A Google Assistant can also tell you what’s going on in your calendar on a given day, answer multiple questions such as weather and sports status, and manage smart home devices. It is an inexpensive gift and a great start to getting into smart devices with smart speakers and smart assistants.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

08. Handy photo printer

If your friend loves instant photographs, then this is the best gift.

HP Sprocket On the spot Photo Printer. This amazing android accessory is available on amazon for just $77. And this is the secondly manufactured edition of this specific product.

HP Sprocket lets you print photos on a 2×3 photo page directly from phones quickly and easily. The newer model can connect to multiple devices simultaneously via Bluetooth, allow group printing, and install sleep mode that keeps it connected without draining the battery.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

09. Lengthy and strong charging codes.

Anker ‘PowerLine’ Charging Cable is a 6 foot long power code with extra length and strength. This particular cable can be bought from Walmart at just $21.

It has two beneficial qualities. Firstly, plaited codes are more strong and don’t knot as simply as the normal ones. Secondly, they’re merely more appealingly good-looking. These Anker’s long and durable charging codes are specially designed to charge phones with USB-C ports efficiently.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

10. A see-through phone cover.

If your friend own a Samsung android phone then this would be a best gift idea. It is ‘Casetify’ cases for Samsung. And it is not only see-through. It has cool designs on it too. If you purchase one of them,

you can have following benefits.

  • Firstly, it is durable
  • Secondly, it is non-bulky
  • Thirdly, it is absolutely beautiful

You won’t have a rest once you visited their site. There are tons of unique mobile phone cover designs. And it won’t be easy to find the perfect match too. But it’s worth to check it out. They have professional artist collection to design their phone covers. That’s what make them so unique.

You can find these special ‘Casetify’ see through phone cover on Amazon for just $49.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

(Yes, it is an IPhone cover. But they have an amazing collection of android covers.)

11. Hard phone storage box.

Does your friend/partner love to travel? May be some outdoor adventures? Then this will do a great job. This otter box’s DRYBOX is a little box hat can keep your mobile phone, keys, wallets and other important things safe. Not only by losing them. But also this can prevent damping your important items.

Yes! It is waterproof.

You can protect your essentials under water too. You can trust this box even under 90 feet of the water for 30 minutes.

So this would be a cool gift for your friend/partner who loves outdoor adventures. This useful rugged case can be easily purchased from for just $40. Just go and type ‘DRYBOX 3250 series in the search box of

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

12. Handy projector.

Do you know your android mobile can act as the TV remote for this projector? Yes. It is true. You only have to download the recommended mobile app to your phone. It is called Nebula app and from that you can operate this mini projector.

This projector is so much valuable for little date nights and night outs with your loved ones. So this will be a great gift. Because this only takes the space of a little soda can.

Yes! A soda can size projector!

This mini projector can projects video files up to 100 inches. And you don’t have to worry about the quality too. It projects videos with 720pixels resolutions. And it projects videos with 200 units of brightness.

This amazing projector can streams apps like Netflix and YouTube too. And you won’t miss the theater sounds too. Because, it has an in-built speaker system with 8 watts. And do not afraid about the battery life too. Because it can’t interrupt your joy. It has a battery life of 2 and half hours.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

13. Beautiful side pouch for your android accessories.

This will suit to a female friend or your girlfriend. And this gift suggestion also goes with the girls who have travelling desires.

Give them the chance to travel in style.

This cross body bag is made with leather. And it is decorated with full-grain pebbles. This is a cute little pouch which can hold your mobile phone and few other essentials like you wallet and keys.

It has a list of 10 colors and you can chose your loved ones favorite color too. So it will be her favorite gift so far.

You can find this beautiful pouch just for $10 on Leatherology.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

14. Fitness arm band to hold the phone – android accessories as gifts.

This is the best gift for your fitness friend. As we all know keeping your phone safe while running is not very easy. It can fall, it can break or maybe get stolen. So here is the solution.

This arm band is well matched with most of the mobile phones. And don’t worry. This chart-topping arm band has a case which is smart and flexible.  So this will not obstruct your comfort. And this has very deep edges for security, and another minor compact to grip your friend’s/partner’s keys as well. And this is waterproof too.

This useful arm band can be simply ordered from Amazon just for $15. You just have to search “Tribe water resistant cell phone armband case”.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

15. Gaming controller for android mobile – android accessories as gifts.

This will be the best gift for your friend /partner who is obsessed with mobile games. It is very hard to play mobile games when your hands get sweaty and all. So here is the solution. You can gift this to your friend as a resort. This has a Nintendo switch style design. So your friend can play in style. It has controllers and either side of your android mobile screen.

Don’t worry .No matter what your android model is this will fit to you. Only thing you have to consider is whether the mobile phone has a USB port in it. Most of the phones have the port with it.

And here is another benefit. If your phone battery is going to die while you are gaming, you just have to play in the gaming controller. It will charge your phone

You can buy this amazing “RazerKishi” gaming controller for android phone for just $70 from BestBuy .com

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

16. Handy speaker – android accessories as gifts.

This speaker is from the popular ultimate Ears Boom series. This is the 3rd edition and almost have the best review. Best thing about this is not only handy but it is also water proof. And you can carry this to a pool party without hesitation. Don’t mind at all. Because it won’t sink.

This blue tooth speaker is,

  • Firstly, it is portable
  • Secondly, it is water proof
  • Thirdly, it is floatable

All 3 in 1.

So don’t be late. Order now on Amazon for $150. It is really worth it. Because it has the incredible sounds too.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

17. Selfie stick+ Tripod (2 in I) – android accessories as gifts.

This has so many features and dozens of good reviews. This is a selfie stick that turn in to a tripod and it is made with polished aluminum. You can connect this to your android mobile with blue tooth. And the best part is that Apple also sells this. So this is with the premium quality. This is made by Cliquefie.

So you can use this as a selfie stick and after few folds as a tripod. So you can take nice and stable selfies from distance without a trouble.

This is available at Best buy for just $150

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

18. OS smart watch – android accessories as gifts.

Is it only IPhone users have apple watches? Ha-ha. That time has gone. Now android users also wear their own 5 smart watches. You can do almost everything through this smart watch.

It has,

  • BP meter
  • Heart rate tracker
  • A music store
  • Notification center
  • Google assistant
  • And even NFC payments

You can chose whatever the face you want. This Fossil smart watch is super stylish and it has both male and female designs

You can buy this amazing “Fossil smart watch” at Best Buy at a price of $18 and onwards.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

19. A mobile grip and stand – android accessories as gifts.

This is our next suggestion under android accessories as gifts.

No matter your friend has an android or I phone this will suit him or her. There are no argument about Pop Sockets grips and stands. They are absolutely great. It is very cool and very carefully designed. That’s what make them so much special. So this will be a great gift. You can choose any design according to your friend’s /partner’s personality.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

20. Endless power bank – android accessories as gifts.

This is our next suggestion under android accessories as gifts.

It is really annoying when your mobile phone’s battery keeps dying. Here is the solution.

This has a capacity of 20,000 mlliampere hours. So it won’t let your phone die. And not only one phone. It can charge several mobiles at the same time. Not only mobile phones; It can charge up your smart watch, even your lap top. We are sure that this will become your favorite power bank. You can just buy it from Amazon for just $50.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

21. Head set with a mic

This is our next suggestion under android accessories as gifts.

Firstly, this will be really helpful when your friend/partner is driving. It can let them have a safe ride and good communication together.

Secondly, the communicating system of this headset is very clear. We can really rely on it. This will be really helpful, especially when they are shopping or driving or working with kids.

This useful Plantronics M95 Bluetooth headset can be bought from Walmart for $82 and it is worth for those dollars.

22. Wireless charger.

This is our last suggestion under android accessories as gifts.

Is that even a thing? Of course it is. Firstly, this can prevent you from spending hours unknotting your charger. Secondly, since it is codeless, you can use it while charging. This is from Samsung. It has 3 colors blue, white, and navy. You can choose whatever you like.

You can buy this amazing Samsung Fast charge wireless charger stand for just $60 from Samsung.

Android accessories as gifts for loved ones.

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