8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

You’ve probably heard of Signal, but did you realize there’s a more secure private messenger available? Meet the Session app & discover why it’s superior. Try Session as a Private Messaging App!

There are various options on the Google Play Store as well as the Software Store for users looking for a privacy-friendly texting app.

Session is one of the more intriguing choices. The app is a derivative of Signal that improves and adds features to provide a more private messaging experience.

Is it, however, any good? Can you rely on it? Why should you use it as your private messaging app instead of your current ones?

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Can You Put Your Trust on Session for Messaging?

Session is available for both Android and iOS through the official app shop. It is also available for the desktop platforms Windows, Linux, and macOS.

While it is not as popular as Signal or other communicators, Session is open-source, with the source code available on GitHub repo. In addition, the app is subjected to frequent security checks.

Session has been actively developed for some time and is regularly updated.

8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App
8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App
8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

As a result, you should be able to trust the app in the same way that you would any other open-source program. The usability of Session is a different issue, but it does not appear to be a harmful software.

In either case, if you do not yet trust the app’s developers, you should learn more about their history.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Session as a private messaging app

Session is a powerful chat software that prioritizes privacy and security. It has several advantages over Signal in terms of anonymity, and it also has a few features that set it apart from the competition.

Here are some of the reasons why you should give Session a try.

Does not necessitate the use of a phone number

8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

One of the most important pieces of information is your phone number. It is linked to your interactions, and you must share it with other people in order to converse.

It doesn’t take long for an attacker to use the phone number to trick you into falling for scams or downloading malware. You do not need to register for Session using your phone number.

As a result, you no longer need to reveal your cellphone number with other users, and your discussions are no longer linked to the number.

When you sign up, Session creates a random number (Session ID). You’ll need to copy or scribble it down.

2. It is free to use

Session is a new offering that is completely free to use with no hidden fees.

You can choose to make a donation to assist the developers financially, but this is entirely optional.

3. Open Source from Nature

As previously stated, Session is similar to Signal in that its source code may be found and audited as needed.

Because it is an open-source solution, you will be able to use an app that is transparent to its users and perhaps safer than proprietary alternatives.

It also signifies that Session cannot go away. If necessary, anybody can fork the code and create their own version of Session. You can also choose to experiment with it.

4. Decentralized Network

8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

Session, unlike most other private messengers, does not use a centralized server. As a result, a single point of failure will have no effect on the network.

Session, like Tor, is based on a decentralized network, and as a result, it is effective against censorship. When compared to services that rely on a centralized server, such as WhatsApp and Signal, it is difficult to shut down its network.

It should be noted that while decentralized networks are slower, they are more resistant to outages and censorship.

5. IP Address Security

Because Session uses a decentralized network, your connection is routed through several points. As a result, your original IP address is disguised.

The connection is similar to the Tor network in that you remain connected to the network via numerous locations, which likewise conceals your original location. Overall, using such measures improves your digital privacy.

6. There is no metadata

8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App

One of the most notable features of Session is the removal of any metadata linked with the messages you send.

Metadata can be anything from the message’s location/timestamp to information about the device. It’s not visible, but it’s there. Without your knowledge, metadata can reveal a lot of information. Furthermore, Session claims to remove any metadata linked with the messages.

As a result, you can enjoy private texting without having to worry about it. It can also be useful for whistleblowers / news reporters speaking with their sources.

7. An Effective Privacy Policy

A user-friendly and transparent privacy policy is essential for a service. Fortunately, Session’s privacy policy thoroughly explains the technology without making any deceptive claims.

When you join to Session’s network, your IP address is shown, but the software does not record or keep this information. It also suggests using a VPN to mask your IP address if you wish to remain anonymous.

8. Support for Multiple Platforms

Session is a true cross-platform private messaging tool, with versions for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, & Linux.

The APK bundle is also available on the company’s official website and GitHub repository. If you don’t like the official app shops, this can be useful.

Instead of using mainstream options, try alternative private messengers

For the purpose of protection and safety, most of us stick to popular messaging services. However, as the preceding arguments indicate, privacy-focused messengers have the potential to be better and much more advanced than WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and others.

Of course, adding more security features does not ensure a positive user experience. However, you should be aware of the reasons to explore alternatives such as Session, so if you end up loving it, you will be equipped with unique tools that you have never heard of.

Having said that, there’s a lot to like about Session. If you value privacy, it may be preferable to Signal, but it all depends on your user experience and preferences. Nonetheless, it is a messaging program that you should try!

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