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Product Analysis of SwitchBot Curtain Robot

Product Analysis of SwitchBot Curtain Robot

Product Analysis of SwitchBot Curtain Robot

SwitchBot curtain robot is another affordable home appliance that came out to ease your work at home. During the company fundraising, claims SwitchBot will make all your curtains perfect. When I was at CES 2020, fortunate to personally experience the working mechanism of this curtain robot. It is a wonderful innovation you should use with your curtains at home.

The curtain robot comes as a wireless product and this smart accessory is inclusive of many user-friendly features. It works with curtains rods, U shape trail tracks and I shape trail tracks. This smart accessory comes with easy assembling features where simply you need to lock it with rods or trail tracks. SwitchBot then works according to the commands getting from the user. SwitchBot recommended using the correct dimensions either using rods or trails to work efficiently. Another feature of SwitchBot is, it has a set of addons to use with variants of curtains.

When discussing features, you can plug in this robot to your smartphone by adding Switchbot Hub Mini and will enable you to control it from anywhere in the world if you are connected to Wi-Fi. Built-in sunlight sensors allow you to program SwitchBot to close your curtains during summer days and keep them open during wintertime. You don’t need to open your curtains manually, schedule it with the app and then curtains will open before your alarm goes off every day.

The Robot is equipped with a light sensor so that the Switchbot can automatically close or open the curtains depending on the brightness of the sun during the day. This feature is really helpful because you don’t need to pull drapes manually when lights fade or shine. The SwitchBot also integrates with google home, Alexa, and even Siri. This allows you to control it with your voice. The base type has a battery life of around 8 months and the battery is rechargeable. Their solar system does not even need to charge and can last indefinitely depending on the amount of light it receives.

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If you are on a budget then SwitchBot is the best product to own and operate your curtains with minimal effort. This curtain utility can easily work with small or medium windows or door curtains. If you are willing to spend more money recommend you purchase electric blinds with more features. It’s better than going for a low-budget add-on product similar to SwitchBot.