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Automate Your Toilet Cleaning, use Shine Bathroom Assistant

Automate Your Toilet Cleaning, use Shine Bathroom Assistant

Automate Your Toilet Cleaning, use Shine Bathroom Assistant

This is an era of advanced technology. Most of the manpower works are getting automated with the rising of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most of us are spending quite a bit of time daily to maintain our bathrooms tight and clean. It’s time to hand over your work to the newly invented Shine bathroom assistant. It takes full responsibility to keep your bathroom clean and refreshed. The first impression of the bathroom either makes our days perfect or unsatisfactory. You don’t need to see your bathroom is having water spillage, wrecked tubes as well as spreading bad aromas when entering in the morning. That would be the worst feeling you get when starting a fresh day. So everyone wants their bathrooms clean and tight at all times.

Automate Your Toilet Cleaning

AI is been used in automating many home appliances and Shine bathroom assistant ranks one of the tops amongst them. It uses Electrolyzed Water Technology to purify your toilette rather than using chemicals. Though it is more successfully remove bacteria. Why I say shine is an exclusive appliance because from anywhere you are able to monitor and operate with the assistant of an app on your mobile phone. When you are at home you are able to control it with your voice. It supports voice commands similar to Alexa. This is how it works, with the command on the app or manually try to flush the toilet, Electrolyzed water technology becomes active through Shine and fills the toilet bowl. Later it flushes out while washes and freshens your toilette at the same time.

Even the process is complex, setting up Shine is pretty much straightforward since it does not use screws or glue. You need to place the Shine on top of the toilet bowl then pour water till the container gets full. Finally, place the eco-friendly cleaning pod inside the tube of the top container. Another advantage is, you can keep the filled water and eco-friendly cleaning pod for one month without changing. Shine assists you with your monthly budget. It is true because you don’t need to allocate earnings for your plumber works instead get used to “Sam”, Shine’s AI. Shine is not only limited to purifies the bathroom, it identifies water spillage, can monitor water usage, and verify issues.

In summary, Shine is an exclusive appliance to have in your home because of its capability to perform a range of works with minimal human intervention.

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