Instagram Instant remedy to Instant Messenger Problems

Instagram Instant remedy to Instant Messenger Problems

Instagram Instant remedy to Instant Messenger Problems

We were on lunch break and my colleague saw a hilarious meme on the internet. I asked her to send me the link on Instagram. It was a typical joke meme stuff about a strict boss. She put the phone away and continued with lunch appearing after sending me the meme. When after a few seconds I didn’t get the message I asked her. She checked and she has done the most dangerous thing in the world. She had sent the message to that immediate boss who we were referring to with the meme. For a second we thought our hearts will stop beating. But right in seconds, she was back in her right state of mind and she immediately snatched her phone and unsent the message. The boss wasn’t online so she was hopeful that the boss will never know about the message, the meme and about us.

Now the first thing I asked her was if it is possible to unsent a whole text message on Instagram without leaving a sign. Well, the answer is yes. Unlike WhatsApp, it does not even leave the biggest mystery sign of one message being deleted. At that time we were happy and satisfied and thought that it is indeed one of the biggest features of Instagram. But with time I thought about it indeed can be one of the biggest glitches of the Instagram platform. How, let me explain.

The Problem:

The feature is all about giving freedom to Instagram users and making them feel comfortable about the platform usage. It means you can send a text, image or a gif and can ultimately unsent it without leaving a sign just like that within seconds. Now for a second think like an adult and try to imagine all the scenarios in this feature that can be misused. 

  • Your kid may send or receive a text message and boom it can be disappeared from the device. 
  • Someone can bully your kid, send them threatening messages and then can get disappear without leaving any signs of toxic behaviour. 
  • You employees can share confidential information in the form of images or video and then get rid of all the records from both ends. 
  • Your secret id information or password can be sent and unsent within seconds but the damage can be severe. 
  • Your employee can mistakenly send you’re a hilarious meme and can ultimately unsent it.You will never know about the staff and employees who talk behind your back. 

There can be dozens of other ways to misuse that feature. Instagram is one of the popular photo and video sharing apps among all groups. Thus it is important to make sure that such features cant be misused on any personal or professional level.

I was worried about this stuff and thought of searching for a solution. That’s when I found the Instagram spy app. Ther offer dozens of exciting features and one of them is keeping a record of disappeared content. 

Instagram Spy App: The Solution

Dive into the spying app world and you will find many apps that offer monitoring features. I found  OgyMogy one of the best apps because of so many reasons. 

  • It is one of the most economical apps offered to all kinds of users. 
  • The easy to use interface makes the app one of the supreme choices of all sorts of users. You can simply be a smart tech guy or girl or just a person who knows how to handle smart gadgets. 
  • The app supports multiple operating systems. 
  • That means you can use the app to keep a check on the Instagram activities of the target through their cellphone, tablets, mac book laptop or desktop. 
  • It is a cloud-based app which means all the Instagram recordings are saved on the web portal of the OgyMogy android spy app.
  • The Instagram spy app save all the newsfeed records including posts and comments. Story updates, reels and even the inbox activity. 
  • No need to worry about the disappearing stuff like stories or unsent messages as the app keeps the record of that stuff with timestamp information. 

The app has been made by keeping in mind two of the major users of the spying app world. The parents and the Employers. The app offers features for both users. 

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