How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem on a Smart TV?

How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem

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How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem: As of right now, Disney Plus has 118.1 million paid subscribers worldwide, a significant increase from 92 million in 2020. The on-demand streaming service currently offers over 7000 episodes and over 600 movies, and the selection keeps expanding. The platform can access online, on mobile devices, and on smart TVs.

  • Even though the app is robust, people occasionally experience issues with it. Disney Plus Black Screen is one current problem with the line; several customers have reported running into it, and many have added that the screen stayed black for a time.
  • The strategies listed below can help you if you’re having the same problem and want to solve it.

How to Fix Black Screen Problems with Disney Plus on Sony and LG Smart TVs?

The methods for troubleshooting are shown below. Try each one out separately.

Start Your Smart TV Again

How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem: The majority of momentary faults can be resolved by restarting electronic gadgets, and smart TVs are no exception. Many consumers reported that resetting their televisions fixed the issue. So, follow the instructions below to restart your TV.

  • Close all active TV-connected programs.
  • In the meantime, turn off the Smart TV and wait a few seconds.
  • Restart the Disney Plus app after turning on the TV to see if it is functioning properly.

How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem: Inspect Disney Plus servers

The Disney Plus server is another potential cause of the black screen issue. There is a chance that the server may be the cause of the problems because Disney Plus uses several servers to run. The servers should always be checked before continuing, so do that now.

Check to see if the internet is having a problem.

A problem with your internet connection could prevent you from accessing other internet-based services in addition to the Disney Plus service. Thus, it becomes important to check your interconnection since at times it can also be a problem-causing factor.

How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem: Internet speed testing

You could also try testing your internet connection’s speed. The internet frequently functions, but the connection speed makes it difficult to load the content of applications and services. Your internet connection may be experiencing this, which could explain why your screen is going dark.

How to Fix the Disney Plus Black Screen Problem: Restart the router or modem.

Do you still have this problem? If so, try rebooting your modem or router. For you, this might be the solution. Turn off your router first, then wait a little before turning it back on. Finally, turn it on to see if the problem has been fixed.

Reinstall the application after uninstalling it

Sometimes, an older version of the application or one that is not very compatible with your device may be the source of the issue. Installing the most recent version of the services after uninstalling the presently operating program from your device can solve these problems. Disney Plus Black Screen issue could be resolved in this way.

These are a few simple solutions to the Disney Plus black screen problem, but if the issue persists, contact the Disney Plus support staff. Give them more details about your problem, and they’ll work quickly to find a solution.


How do I get my Disney Plus TV to work again?

Make sure that no content filters, antivirus software, proxy accelerators, or pop-up blockers are active. If you do, turn off these services and give them another go.

Why won’t Disney Plus launch on my smart TV?

It indicates that your TV is incompatible if Disney+ does not appear. By connecting one of the many Disney+-compatible devices to your TV, you can still access Disney+.

Why is the screen on Disney Plus blank?

Visit the internet.

Verify the speed of your connection. Your internet may be slow if many devices are using the same Wi-Fi connection. This may prevent the Home screen from correctly loading. Check the strength of your connection.

Why does Disney Plus suddenly become black?

The most frequent reason for this issue is usually a server issue. However, it might possibly have anything to do with your device, unofficial software, or Disney Plus program files.

Can I still use Disney Plus on my smart TV?

Only Samsung Smart TVs with HD video capability that was released after 2016 are compatible with the Disney+ app. There are a variety of compatible devices, including game consoles, that you can use in its place if your TV does not support the Disney+ app.

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