Flowflex test kit – Here is all you need to know

Flowflex test kit – Here is all you need to know

Flowflex test kit – Here is all you need to know

FlowFlex Rapid Test Kit employs the most recent patented technique for protein detection, assuring that it can identify new COVID-19 viral strains. As shown at Porton Down, administering an accurate test is as simple as swabbing the nose with a nasal swab placed within 2 cm of the nose. In terms of accuracy and affordability, FlowFlex Rapid Test Kit seems to be the best presently available.


An individual’s COVID-19 viral status may be quickly determined with the FlowFlex covid test Lateral Flow Antigen COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit. Health practitioners may easily administer the test to large groups of patients since it is simple to use, low-cost, and quick to get findings. In order to detect COVID-19 viral proteins, a nasal swab test has been devised. This test kit has been authorized for use at home. It may be used to evaluate large groups of individuals in a variety of settings, including employee testing, sports, healthcare, commercial, travel, education, retail, and care.

Intended use of Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test:

To identify the nucleocapsid proteins antigen with SARS-CoV-2 within the anterior specimens nasal swab directly from persons within seven days of symptoms or without any epidemiological reasons to the suspect COVID-19, Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test is used. Non-prescription usage for the home of this test is permitted with anterior nasal self-collected swabs specimens directly from adults ages 14 as well as older or with adult-collected samples anterior nasal directly from children ages 2 and up. Results from the Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test can only identify SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen, not SARS-CoV-1. 

Anterior nasal swabs are frequently positive for this antigen when an infection is in its early stages of development. The presence of such viral antigens is indicated by positive findings, but clinical linkage with patient history & other diagnostic pieces of information are required to confirm infection status. 

Positive findings do not exclude the possibility of bacterial illness or viral co-infection. In certain cases, it’s possible that the pathogen found isn’t the real culprit. If a person has tested positive, they should isolate themselves and seek medical attention, since more testing may be required for the sake of public health. Negative findings are presumptive, & a molecular test may be used to confirm them if that is what is required for the patient’s care. Treatment or patient care choices, including those about infection control, should not be based only on negative findings that rule out infection with SARS CoV-2.

Individuals should provide their doctor as well as a healthcare provider with all results obtained with just this product for public health reporting if they receive any negative results, and these results must be considered in light of the individual’s recent exposures, history, and the presence of clinical symptoms & signs consistent with the COVID-19. 

Self-use or non-laboratory testing using the Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test is permitted. In order to utilize the Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test, you must have the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization.

Instructions for use:

  • Make a tube holder by punching a hole in the kit box’s perforated circular. The tube holders are included in a 25-test-quantity-kit-box set.
  • Extraction buffers tube foil must be removed. Make sure the tube is in the holder.
  • Swirl the swab for 30 seconds before removing it from the tube.
  • Squeeze the tube five times while rotating the swab.
  • While squeezing the tube, take out the swab and squeeze again to get as much liquid out as possible. Swabs may be thrown away.
  • Put a tight grip on the dropper tip and the tubing. Using a swirling motion or a flicking motion on the bottom of a tube, thoroughly mix the ingredients.
  • Note: If the swab is really not swirled for at least Thirty seconds or turned five times, a falsely negative result may arise.
  • Dispense Four drops of liquid into the SampleWell by squeezing the tube gently. The tube may be thrown away.
  • Note: If fewer than four droplets of fluid are put to such a Sample Well, a false negative and incorrect result may occur.
  • Set a 15-minute timer for yourself. After 15 minutes, the results should be available for viewing. After 30 minutes, stop reading. Use a garbage can to get rid of the test cassette.
  • Note: False-positive or false-negative results may happen if the test results are reviewed before or after Thirty minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We talk about the FQAs about Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test. These are the following:

1. What is the accuracy of this test?

A clinical trial involving 172 nasal swabs taken from 108 symptomatic patients suspected of having COVID-19 and 64 asymptomatic patients, all of whom had Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test results, was conducted between the March 2021 & May 2021 to determine the test’s accuracy. Within two weeks after study participation, all participants were evaluated for COVID-19 symptoms. 

A molecular SARS-CoV-2 test was approved by the FDA as compared to the Flowflex Antigen COVID-19 Home Test. Positive samples were accurately recognized in 93% of cases, while negative samples were correctly identified in 100% of cases using the Antigen COVID-19 Home Test by Flowflex.

2. What is a false-negative and a false-positive test result?

Test results that show the presence of a condition or disease when the individual does not really have the disease and condition are known as false positives. Having a false-negative test result shows that a person doesn’t even have a certain illness or condition, when in fact they do. False-negative & false-positive test findings may be caused by improper specimen collection & sample processing. In order to ensure a successful test, make sure you read the included package insert and follow the accompanying directions before you start the test.

3. What does it indicate if I get a positive result?

A positive result indicates that it is extremely probable that you have COVID-19 since proteins from a virus that produces COVID-19 were detected in your sample. A healthcare practitioner should be contacted for guidance about your positive test result. The results of any tests you’ve had, as well as any medical history you’ve provided, can help your doctor decide how best to treat you.

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