10 Promo Products for Wedding Businesses to Create the “Wow” Factor

10 Promo Products for Wedding Businesses to Create the “Wow” Factor

10 Promo Products for Wedding Businesses to Create the “Wow” Factor

Wedding is a time when two people who vow to live their lives together. On this special occasion, you can act as a business who can create the “wow” factor on this important day of their lives.

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So if you are a wedding planner or deal in event management services, then here are some of the fantastic promo products that you can offer to your clients and their guests on the “D” day:

1. Gift Box

Being into wedding-related business brings a lot of marketing opportunities. There are plenty of ways you can put a smile on face of the would-be couple and the people who will be attending the ceremony. If you are a business who deals in wedding management services, then a gift box can be a great item to gift the soul mates and cheer up the guests.

A typical gift box can contain things like chocolates, flowers and candles etc. with a congratulatory note. The couple and the attendees will definitely be grateful for you for making them feel special and will remember you after the event is over.

2. Complimentary Props for Photo Booth

Photo booth is now a trend in every wedding and they give a good excuse for everyone to huddle and make the best shots. To make their shots even memorable, you can gift them different props with custom embroidered patches of your brand. You can give away props of things like moustaches, lips, sunglasses and hats that the guests can place over their face to make a funny selfie.

Since you are the one who give them so many reasons to smile, they will definitely make a mental note of your brand all the while.

3. Hand Fan

Attending a wedding can be the holy grail for the guests since they are so many things to be done. The worst happens when the venue is not properly ventilated. But if you are a service who is responsible for the management and organization of the wedding affairs, you can make the extra effort to make sure that everything is up to the mark.

During the hot and humid weather, it can be difficult for the guests to get proper supply of air, particularly when the wedding is set in an open-air venue. To avoid the ordeal for the guests, you can give away a hand fan that they can use while they will be panting under the sun.

Not only will you impress the couples with your foolproof arrangement but you will also let the people remember you as the savior.

4. Coaster

A coaster is a staple item of a wedding event. You can use this item to promote your products to a newlywed couple and their guests. You can put your brand name, logo and contact details on the coaster so that people would know your business every time they put a glass or cup on it.

So while they take a sip of a drink, you will remind them about your company and the contact information to communicate with you.

5. Personalized Napkin

Napkin is a handy wedding item that helps people avoid the “oops” moments during the dining and drinking. You can order personalized napkins with names of the bride and groom and a mention of your business with custom velcro patches of your brand.

With a personalized napkin, you will instantly catch attention of the attendees who might get impressed with your attention to detail and contact you for their own wedding affairs.

6. Koozie

A koozie can be a great promo product for the wedding or reception party that is going to last for the whole night. As the party will continue overnight, the guests will have something to keep their drinks hot or cold.

And while they will be busy in shaking their legs, they will have the drinks in perfect taste to rejuvenate themselves as the clock continues to tick. And you will have an entire night to let them know that your brand cares about them.

7. Customized Photo Frame

Wedding is a perfect time for the family and friends to gather and have some good moments. In all their joy and happiness, they can find some good moments to capture in the camera eye.

By giving them away a photo frame, you will give them a memento that will remind them all the memorable moments of the day and many reasons to smile. Besides, a photo frame is usually put on the wall which means the onlookers can clearly see the name and logo of your company.

8. Caddy

The wedding day is a busy day and people tend to forget many things due to the hustle and bustle of the day. To help people keep their valuable belongings, you can gift them a caddy which they can use to put their watch, necklace or ring so that they don’t miss anything in the chaos of wedding activities.

With the name of your company right on top of the caddy, you will be doing free promotion of your business in front of hundreds of people.

9. Matchbox

The majority of event management services provide scented candles that aromatize the venue and make people feel invigorated with its magical aroma.

But not all the services provide the matchbox to light them up. With a match box, you can give them an instant way to light up the candles so the guests don’t have to fumble around as the darkness approaches. You can get creative here and use the matchbox as an item to promote your business by using the name of your brand and corporate identity on one side of the matchbox, while use the second side of the matchbox to mention the contact details of the business.

10. Party Popper and Confetti

A wedding has many special moments when the guests want to cheer up. In such moments, a party popper and confetti can be the weapons for the guests to celebrate and breathe life to the event. You too can offer a free set of party poppers and confetti under the name of your company.

So when the bride finally says “Yes, I Do!”, the guests will have these stuff in their hand to celebrate the moment. And when they do it, they will know the name of your brand.

Being in the wedding business offers many opportunities to market your brand. Gifting these promo products is one way you can let thousands of people know about your business in a single day.

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