Android spy app: The Master of Efficient Employee Monitoring

Android spy app: The Master of Efficient Employee Monitoring

Android spy app: The Master of Efficient Employee Monitoring

Technology had made our life easier and difficult at the same time. A few years back barely someone could afford a phone. You can say that 1 out of 10 people owns a mobile phone. But now everyone has phones whether you are rich or poor. Now the main point comes on the usage of cell phones by an individual. Everything has pros and cons. If we use this for good purpose then it surely offers has a lot to offer to us humans in so many ways.  

Nowadays it’s very difficult to monitor your employees. You can’t check each one of them about their responsibilities and mode of work during office hours. Man is a social animal. We can’t live alone and do anything alone. Thus thinking that one can run a whole company alone and manage everything without any ones help is a simple foolish plan. A one-man show is not a practical approach and we all need a team. A few years back it was easy to handle your work and employees. But now the circumstances have been changed.  The past year has introduced remote working style and many organizations are planning to continue this type of work because of so many reasons. Some organizations are planning to switch to a hybrid mode of working. That means a combination of remote working and office working styles for the employee. That means a more hectic routine for employers as they should step up their monitoring game. To keep an eye on all kinds of employees. There is more chance of work slacking as an employee working from home is practically not under the direct strict eye of the employers. Thus the chance of slacking is higher in such cases. To all the employers or team leaders and managers, I have been there and understand your situation. I am glad I worked on it and am here to share some tips and tricks with you all. I started using the best android spy app TheOneSpy  to monitor the employees through their organizational owned gadgets.

Time Tracker:

You can check and make your employees punctual by tracking their office arrival and departure time. This can be done by monitoring the system’s starting and shutting times. One can use the screen monitoring feature to know about the screen activities and surroundings of the employee. You can also use the camera bug feature and capture the surroundings of the employees through android phones without letting them know.

Monitor Team Member Progress:

You can check the progress of each member of the team by checking their screenshots during office hours. By using the screen recording feature one can track the individual progress of each team member. To track the gossiping person of the team or the one who spreads rumours use the Mic bug features. It let the user know about all the chats and discussions in detail.

Eliminate bullying in the workplace:

You can create a healthy environment for people by taking action against bullies. You can use the mic bug feature for the verbal bully and also use the TheOneSpy  android spy app Skype monitoring to see the chat of employees and team members.

Entertainment and Work:

The office time must be dedicated to working only. You can know about the employees who watch the matches during office hours or the ladies who are fond of online shopping. All this and much more can be checked by noticing the web browsing history of the employee. Not only just make laws, implement them right away. Block all those sites which divert your employee’s focus by using the web filtering feature. 


Protect your company’s confidential data, new project ideas, employees details and other things, by keeping an eye on the email box of all employees.

Restrict social sites in the workplace:

Make sure employees are working during office hours and not wasting time on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. The list of social media monitoring features includes. YouTube screen monitoring, Facebook spy app, Line spy app, WhatsApp spy app and more. 

The use of the TheOneSpy  android spy app as a parental control app is another important use of the technology. Get the Mac and Window spy app version as well along with the android version. 

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