What Is Stock ROM and Custom ROM for Android?

It is not a thing to say wow, everyone knows in this era people are using smartphones to store their many files, videos, photos, business emails, and such kind of information. It is not possible to stop tweaks when someone got an Android device, such as flashing custom recovery, modifying the system, getting root access, and installing new custom ROM. However, when it comes to a newbie, he/she could easily confuse about these “new” words. Although when some new ones engage with this task, it is worthy to know below terms with their exact idea. Let’s move into them!

What is ROM?

Read-Only Memory is abbreviated under ROM. ROM to Android has been abbreviated for Read-Only Memory. You can see it as operating system software that runs your Droid. It contains or stored the portion of  It is stored in the “Read Only Memory” portion of the hardware on the Android smartphone and/or tablet. Android comes in two forms: Stock ROM and Custom ROM.

What is Stock ROM?

Android phones or tablets come with default Stock ROMs. Those are customized versions for android and allow their customers to adjust according to their unique requirements and specific features. Some kind of “out-of-the-box” smartphones are all delivered with a stock ROM.

Main Advantages of Stock ROM

  1. Keep the warranty –  Stock ROMs not going to be void your warranty on Android devices. When we consider the main reason that the user may not tend to go with custom ROM is, we can recognize that the rooting is immediately void its warranty. SO installing a custom ROM is required to get root access. Therefore most of the manufacturers void the rooting in your android device to installing a custom Android version.
  2. Pre-installed apps – You can see some specifications in the Android devices with stock ROMs are, those usually come with lots of pre-installed apps. In most cases, it is good enough to catch the customer attraction in some apps such as music players, live wallpapers, app store, calendar, weather, and so many other useful and awesome apps. Moreover, these pre-installed apps sometimes are seldom used by users which are called bloatware. So in that situation, it tends to get disadvantages also.
  3. Premium Features – It almost saying about the pre-installed apps. As we discuss before Stock ROMs also come up with lots of premium features, but that are not available in Android devices that come with custom ROMs. We can see their features such as home screen, font, launcher, or app drawer. Devices developed by different manufacturers delivered different premium features and apps.

3. What is Custom ROM?

The term is Custom ROMs can be defined as customized or developed ROMs carries from the source code of Android. Those Custom ROMs are not going to be provided by mobile vendors such as Google or other parties, even though those are developed and maintained by a specific group, communities, and contributors. The main difference between developed Custom ROMs and the source code is features and looks.

Main Advantages of Custom ROM

  1. Root access –  A custom ROM allows you to do anything that you want on your phones or tablets. You can enjoy root access under the custom ROM configurations. If you got an Android device with stock ROM, and if you need to work without stock Rom, you can get rid of it and enjoy the same as before. To do that you may need to root your Android.
  2. Quick updates – When the latest Android version is outs, the stock ROM arrange you to get update the old version to the new version without any delay. Stock ROMs maintain by the manufacturers or mobile vendors and it not might provide this update facility service or take several hours to get an update.
  3. Better performance – Another appreciable feature isCustom ROMs allows you to install any kind of third-party apps you would like to experience without any limitations and remove or disable any system apps which not allow you to uninstall in establish the custom ROM easily, other than the stock ROM. With the help of custom ROM, users can customize the home scream, font, UI, or any of the preferences.    

What is Rooting?

Have you ever heard the term ‘Root’? If not realize it as a superuser of Android device when you accessing with Linux permission and file-system ownership. Get the who is the user, and realize who is a person that signs in, and also that person allowed to do certain things based on user permissions. As you know now Root is also a user. And you can find a difference between the superuser and normal user is, super has permissions to do anything to any file any place in the system. Rooting is a way of jail-breaking of the particular Android device and it will be allowed to users to dive deeper into a phone’s sub-system. If you are set and ready to replace the stock ROM on a custom ROM until it is responsible for the root access.

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