The Easiest Way to Save Your Favourite Instagram Reels & Videos

The Easiest Way to Save Your Favourite Instagram Reels & Videos

The Easiest Way to Save Your Favourite Instagram Reels & Videos

Instagram is the most widely used application. It has multiple features like video, story, reel, and photo sharing. Instagram is majorly used to get more followers using the content shared in the feed. Instagram helps the user to access entertainment. Instagram educates its audience in many ways. You can post and share your thoughts through videos, photos, reels, and stories.


 Reels are the most popular short videos. It is in the form of a video that exists from 15 to 90seconds in length. With the help of these reels, we can convey the matter simply and shortly in video form. We can see these reels on almost all platforms. Instagram is also one of the most popular platforms, which introduced a reel option on their platform. On Instagram, we can see those reels in online mode only. You cannot download them directly from Instagram. So, we are introducing a web-based Instagram reel downloader. This Instagram reels downloader helps you to download reels.

Now, we can see how to download those Instagram reels with the help of an Insta reel downloader. One can download Instagram reels without any problem by following the steps below. Let’s begin with some information about Instagram reels and Instagram reel downloaders.

Instagram Reels:

   Instagram introduced a new feature called “Instagram reels” from august 5th, 2020 onwards to compete with its competitor TikTok, a short video sharing platform. These Instagram reels are majorly entertaining. You can creatively populate brands of your own and others, educate your followers, share your thoughts, and you can follow your loving celebrities.

In the starting days, the Instagram reel’s time limit was 15 seconds, but in recent days it was increased up to 90seconds. So, one can place good and lengthy content that one like to express.

Instagram Reels Downloader:

 If you like the Instagram reel but can’t download it directly from Instagram. So, you can’t see it offline mode where you want.

We are presenting an Instagram reels downloader web-based application. This application is easy to access, does not require a login, is not necessary to provide your personal data, can download with original resolution, and is always free of cost. 

Let’s see how it works. Instagram reels downloader will help you to download reels to your file manager by just copying the Instagram reels link on Instagram and pasting it on our web application. Then you can view, share, and use it anytime you want.

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  Let’s see how to download Instagram reels by using the Instagram reels downloader in step by step process:

1. Open the Instagram application.

2. Open reels features, which are available in the Instagram application

3. Select Instagram reels that you would like to download.

4. Copy the reel link by selecting the 3 icons on the reel and go for the copy link option.

5. Then, open the “Instagram reels downloader” web application. 

6. You can see an option provided to paste your copied Instagram reels link paste link there.

7. After pasting a link, press the download button, which has provided below the pasted link column.

8. Finally, the reels are downloaded into your file manager within a few seconds.

In this way, one can download the Instagram reels with the help of the Instagram reels downloader without any trouble. 

Features of This Instagram Reels Downloader are: 

  1. Free of cost. 
  2. Download without any logins.
  3. Safe to access.
  4. Easy to use. 
  5. User-friendly. 
  6. Download videos with original resolution.
  7. Instagram reels downloaders can be used multiple times without any limitations.
  8. It can download other accounts’ reels too.

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