Take Your Business to the Next Level With These Social Media Tools

Take Your Business to the Next Level With These Social Media Tools

Social media has been a steadily growing marketing channel over the past few years. Because of its viral nature, it can be one of the best tools for companies to use in order to get their message across to millions of people from all over the world.

With that being said, there are many different ways that social media can be used, and each social network will have a different impact on your audience, depending on what type of platform it is. In essence, each social media tool will have its own unique uses based on the demographic you are trying to target.

Different Social Media Tools To Use

To help you determine the best social media tools that you should be using for your specific industry, we compiled a list of different social channels that you can utilize to help you out. The following social media tools are listed by category so you can easily find the right channel for your specific market:

1. Marketing/advertising or sales – Facebook advertising, Twitter Ads & Promoted Tweets, LinkedIn Groups & Ads, YouTube ads & premium content

2. Education – Quora questions, Reddit AMA’s, EdX, Udemy

3. Entertainment – Instagram, Pinterest

4. Food & Drink – Yelp, OpenTable

5. Science or nature – Wikipedia entries, Reddit AMA’s, YouTube Videos (this one is especially good for helping to do some crowdsourcing)

6. Commerce or shopping – Quora questions, Google+ Local pages, Yelp reviews

7. Travel & Tourism – TripAdvisor

8. Finance & Accounting – Google+, Quora questions, WordPress blogs, LinkedIn groups

9. News & Media – Facebook advertising to the right demographic, Twitter trending topics, and discussions.

10. Sports – Google+ Local pages for specific teams, Yelp reviews for businesses within proximity of sports arenas/stadiums, Reddit AMA’s that are held by notable people in your industry (the more popular the person becomes on Reddit, the more value it will have)

11. Entertainment/Movie Industry – Facebook advertising to get people interested in upcoming movies being released soon via ads with video hashtags included within them. This type of ad again shows up when somebody is searching for something like “movies coming out this summer”. You can also run ads to movies released in the same genre since it is likely that people who enjoy one type of movie will also like another.

12. Science – Google+ local pages, Wikipedia entries, YouTube Videos (again this one is great for getting a dialogue going between you and your audience)

13. PR & Marketing – LinkedIn groups, Quora questions, Twitter Ads & Promoted Tweets, Instagram influencers

14. Fashion & Beauty – Vogue, Instagram influencers, Yelp reviews for businesses within proximity of fashion shows & other similar events. If you’re targeting an audience within the fashion industry then try Pinterest as well since it is often used by models and designers to keep track of new types of clothing that will soon be hitting the market.

15. Sports – Reddit AMA’s that are held by notable people in your industry (the more popular the person becomes on Reddit the more value it will have), Instagram influencers who can promote contests or giveaways related to sports equipment or apparel.


A major part of any marketing or advertising campaign is social media. However, companies need the right tools to measure how effective their posts are and what kinds of audiences they’re reaching. NetbaseQuid can help companies identify their ideal audience for social media, track the effectiveness of their efforts, and even give suggestions on how to best interact with that audience. As more companies turn to social media as a way to reach out to customers, they may want to consider using NetbaseQuid to help get the most out of that effort.


Now more than ever, companies should try to maintain an active social media presence across all tools available. These tools offer a better way to reach millions of people at a go. Any business that successfully utilizes these tools will reap a good return on investment. 

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