RV Wall Panels | Where Performance Meets Professionalism

RV Wall Panels | Where Performance Meets Professionalism

RV Wall Panels | Where Performance Meets Professionalism

If you have ever experienced the great outdoors in a camper van and embraced the art of living out of an RV (Recreational Vehicle) then you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the aesthetic that is so appealing to so many outdoor adventurers. Campers and RVs are essentially homes on wheels and when made well can make you feel like you are in a safe space, your home away from home, but still residing in comfort and luxury. 

But, have you ever stopped to consider what it takes to build or construct these sought-after RVs? The materials sourced and used to keep these vehicles resistant to all sorts of weather and conditions while maintaining their chic designs. In a nutshell, you are looking at the foundation of what brings it all together, RV wall panels. Engineered materials are curated to provide unsurpassed performances for all occasions and road trips, and finding the right ones can make all the difference between a good product and a great one. 

If you have a fleet of vehicles ready to be fitted with the best materials and designs on the market, RV wall panels that are quality made are the way to go. Knowing which is best and finding the right fit for RV wall panels may seem initially overwhelming, but with this handy guide, it will soon be an easy decision.

What is RV paneling? 

First things first is to ensure you know the difference and what to look for when kitting out your vehicles. If you have ever taken the time to look closely at an RV you may notice that the wall panels are not the same materials as the ceiling and for good reason. 

The ceiling panels in RVs are not only lightweight and moisture-resistant to the external elements, but they don’t require the extra work of additional painting. RV panels, on the other hand, however, are made of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or thin plywood which later has wallpaper stuck to it for decorative purposes. It is the most common type of camper wall paneling because it is so lightweight and wallpaper sticks easily to it. 

            How thick is RV paneling?

You can expect a thickness of 1/8 inch for RV wall panels but it can often look thicker if additional layers of vinyl or PVC have been added on top. If you are looking to keep costs down be sure to use the thinner versions for the walls and ceilings.

What to consider when purchasing your RV wall panels

You may not think it but RV wall panels have an important role to play in the kitting out of vehicles and as people begin working more remotely, from home, and are considering doing so ‘on the road,’ living and traveling in something a bit more comfortable is a must for an enjoyable experience.

If you are a business owner looking to revamp and upgrade your current fleet of RV vehicles then the best materials and quality is always going to be your best option, and will be well worth the financial investment in the long run. Companies interested in purchasing rv wall panels for their RVs and bringing their aesthetics up a level will do well to opt for quality materials that not only withstand the task of adventures of road trips and excursions but are well-designed and appealing too. 

The two main objectives to keep an eye out for when purchasing RV panels are; moisture resistance and durability. After all, these vehicles will be traveling hundreds of thousands of miles out on the open road or across the countries and mountains, they need to be durable, and strong, but without breaking the bank.

Moisture resistance – Mold growth, moisture resistance, and water damage are the top reasons why RV owners need or want to change their RV wall panels, and it is recommended to do so earlier than later because you may end up needing to replace more than just the wall panels and it is all downhill from there.  

Durable – Driving on the road and outdoors is not always going to be smooth sailing so it is no secret that the walls will be subject to minor dings and dents from items falling or shifting as the vehicle moves, but they become more evident as time goes on and even more so because the space is small. Ideally, you want an RV wall panel cladding that will withstand impact and contact and offer longevity. 

Signs it is time to replace your RV wall panels

If your vehicles or personal RV are showing signs of being worse for wear it may be time to replace your RV wall panels, but how do you know? A few things to look out for could help with the decision-making process, and could well be just what you needed to hear before the issue gets worse. If your customers are complaining about the wall panels in the RV you are renting out or selling it is not a good sign and could negatively impact your reputation, so staying one step ahead of any problems is a must.

Chatting to a professional RV wall panel supplier for some expert advice is also an option and is likely the best option to catch indicators you may have overlooked, for example;

1.      Do you notice a water leak, or hear banging, or knocking sounds while driving? 

2.      Are the studs in the wall showing signs of damage or wear and tear? 

3.      Double check areas that are high traffic and are used a lot like the kitchen and consider your new RV wall panels with a material that is more robust and heavy-duty to withstand the adventures of camper living.

4.      Have you wanted to replace or reposition electrical outlets that are in the way in their current position, replacing the RV wall panels is just the time to do it.

If any of these points stand out or have been of concern then replacing your RV wall panels will give you peace of mind, so be sure to use a reliable company such as Stabilit America where RV wall panels engineered for unsurpassed performance are their specialty.  

Final thoughts 

Taking a vacation on the road is to be enjoyed, embraced, and most importantly to be done safely and in comfort, if your RV interior or exterior is not up to the quality you would like, be sure to have an expert have a look and offer trusted guidance and advice so your RV travels are filled with worry-free adventures.

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