As we all know, Irish coffee was found in Ireland and it is not a surprise. This specific coffee was discovered by Joe Sheridan who was a chef. And this became world-famous because of an American journalist, Stan Delaplane. He once visited an Irish coffee café while going through Ireland in 1951. He was amazed by the taste and his decision after tasting this made this Irish coffee world-famous. he invented it for the world as “BUENO IRISH COFFEE”. But even before that article was written, this was very popular in Ireland and it was used as a welcome drink in airports of Ireland.

How This Bueno Irish Coffee Became World Famous?

After Stan Delaplane came back to San Francisco after the travel through Ireland, he immediately visited to his dear friend Jack Koeppler. He was the proprietor of the café “The Buena Vista”. And Stan Delaplane told him about that delicious Irish coffee he had in Ireland. They thought this will be a good business idea and they tried to produce it by themselves.

But Stan saw that it is not as good as the Irish coffee he had from Ireland. No matter how hard they tried, they never made it. They couldn’t get the cream for coffee as rich as the coffee he had in Ireland. But they didn’t give up. They tried and tried and finally managed to get the right consistency. So after thousand trials and several go and comes to Ireland from San Francisco the two gentleman finally succeed. That’s how “Buena Vista Irish Coffee” had the birth.

Bueno Vista Irish coffee Café

Are all those rumors true about Bueno Irish coffee?

Yes of course!

From 1952 and up to the date, this specific coffee has reported millions of shots over the decades without a stop. It is a well-known fact that, in most busy days, they are selling over 2000 glasses. Not only that delicious Irish coffee, but also famous Irish whiskey! According to the reports, they trade more Irish whiskey than Irish coffee in a day more than anywhere in this earth. If you see the crowd they have, you won’t be suspicious about it. That café is filled with heads whenever you visit.

You can conjure up a bar which is well occupied with customers who are thrilled to get the taste of this world famous, all-time favorite Irish coffee.

Free bottle of Irish Whiskey!

 And there is another fun details related to this Buena Vista Irish coffee. Whenever you need an Irish coffee, you can get a small shot of Tullamore D.E.W. – the famous Irish whiskey as a gift. This has given under the local liquor regulations and you are free to enjoy it outside the café too. You can simply uncap the bottle and taste the famous Irish coffee and whiskey at the same time. You will be delighted. This opportunity will give you an unforgettable memory in San Francisco for sure. You can taste the sips of this coffee and whiskey together and wander around beautiful evening streets of San Francisco. It will be a mesmerizing moment.


 This Buena Vista café is located in the corners of the beach streets in San Francisco.

Bueno Vista Café

It is true that this Cafe is not very near to many of us. But do not worry. We have found a way to reach this taste to your kitchen steps. As we recently visited to this café, we have seen that they were so kind to shre this super delicious recipe with outer world. They have printed it on a cute little booklet and here is that recipe!

So, get set and go!!!

Let Us Make A Proper Homemade Buena Irish Coffee


To a perfect cup of coffee they use the best coffee from homegrown Oakland peerless coffee and tea. You can easily find a trustworthy coffee bean bag of 2 lb. from Amazon if you just type “Breakfast Blend roast” in the search bar.

To find something close to the real thing, use a combination of soft, rich roasted coffee that you like.


They merely use the previously told special Irish whisky, Tullamore D.E.W. make sure you find the exact same whiskey for this coffee. You can also found this on Amazon around for $37 to $39. You won’t regret because they have well stocked it and it has the perfect consistency of alcohol.


Do not forget this. Adding sugar cubes is a must. Only from that you can have that sweet and sugary flavor of the coffee. So do not forget sugar. According to their special recipe, they put 2 clear sugar cubes to a cup of Irish coffee.


This is not only for the eye. But also for the tongue. So do not miss this and the instructions. As we all know, it is famous that the cream floating in the Irish coffee is very dense and foamy. But not very hard. And not too heavy. Cause if it is heavy it won’t float in the coffee. To float this cream well on the coffee we have to mix the heavy cream by a beater or an electric foamer.  You can easily find a low-priced milk frothing machine or an electric foaming machine on any online store to make the specific cream in few minutes. They will be needed in future if you want to make a latte or smoothie in your households too.


For best experience of the Irish coffee as same as in the Bueno Vista café, use a crystal clear glass jar or a mug. This will give you the beautiful side view of the layers in this Irish coffee. That won’t take big bucks. So feel free to order some from ant preferable online store at a low price. They can be used as smoothie cups too. And make sure to order the heat proof ones. If not it will be a disaster. And if you need the exact same feeling from Bueno vista, you can easily order the same coffee glass they offer. But it won’t fit for you budget. Anyway, you are free to buy some if you really need.


  1. Coffee making machine
  2. Electrically Milk Frothing machine
  3. Thermal resistance Coffee jar or a mug


  1. Four ounces of hot coffees (smoothly blended would be the best)
  2. One and half ounces of the previously told Irish whiskey (Tullamore D. E. W.)
  3. Two cubes of white sugar
  4. One and half ounces of heavy cream (lightly but not heavily whipped)

Let’s make Bueno Irish Coffee from home

GUIDELINES to make Bueno Irish coffee

  1. Firstly fill the thermos resistance glass jar with 8-ounce of hot water. This is to warm the glass. Secondly drizzle out the water as soon as the jar feels warm enough to the touch. And thirdly add the Tullamore D. E. W. Irish whiskey to the warmed glass jar.
  2. Firstly add hot coffee and two white sugar cubed until the glass fills up to the ¾ limit. Secondly blend the mixture until those ingredients have completely melted.
  3. Firstly hold a spoon over the coffee mixture. Secondly begin to drop out the well whipped and perfectly made cream base through the spoon to the coffee. Use the spoon to a soft flow without splatters. Pour the cream until the glass is completely filled.
  4. Now you can leisure taste and enjoy your ultimately and authentically made Buena Vista Irish Coffee!
Bueno Irish Coffee

Did you try?

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