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Fixing This blog post will cover how to activate for Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Firesticks, Xfinity, and Sling TV via the and web pages.

Despite having the Starz app installed on your TV or other devices, you might still be seeing a code. But are you aware of how to use that code? or where to put it so you can use your TV or other devices to watch Starz?

If not, this article is for you. We’ll demonstrate how to use this code to watch and activate Starz content on compatible devices. Additionally, this page can assist you if you want to learn how to watch Starz on different devices without entering the code. Keep an eye out for the instructions for the gadget you plan to use.

Please let us know in the comments if you need any assistance so we can point you in the correct way.

How do I access my Starz Account? be aware of the TV provider’s Starz login

  • Firstly, Click “Login” on the homepage at
  • There, you can choose the method you want to use to log in.
  • Select the “TV Provider” option if you have a cable, satellite, or telecom service provider.
  • On the following screen, you may locate your provider.
  • Please select “See All Providers” if you do not see it. Be aware that you should check with your provider to see whether they have access to STARZ if you are still unable to watch it.
  • Once you’ve decided on a provider, just input your credentials and you’re ready to start.

Note: Previously, you had to enter to get started, but now you just need to follow the steps above.

Fixing How to Register for Starz?

  • Visit and select the red button in the top-right corner (claim special offer).
  • You will see a form after being sent to
  • Complete the form, then click the next button.
  • You will see the pack options once your information confirms (which should take place instantly).
  • Choose the desired package, then click the next button.
  • The page for making payments will display.
  • Enter your information there, and the appropriate amount debited to your account. You then created a Starz account and signed up for a subscription.

As you already activated your Starz account by performing the aforementioned procedures, you can utilize the account to log in to Starz.

How do I turn on Starz on my Firestick from Amazon?

  • To stream your entertainment, pick from a selection of Amazon devices.
  • They consist of, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Stick. firestick can use to activate Starz on Amazon devices.

  • Open “Appstore” on your firestick by going to the Home Screen on your phone.
  • Download the app to the device after finding it.
  • Launch the app on your device, then sign in with your email address and password.
  • To start the service and start streaming, go to activate or “” and enter the activation code displayed on your device’s screen.

How can I turn on Starz on my TV?

Fixing You need a smart TV with an app store in order to activate Starz on your TV. If you are unsure whether your TV is smart, simply search for the app store, then follow the steps below:

  • Activate the app store.
  • Utilize the search feature and install the Starz Play app on your TV.
  • Open the app once it downloads.
  • On the screen of your TV, you’ll see an activation code.
  • Use the web browser on your phone to navigate to “” OR “”. This is how you use your phone to activate Starz.
  • Afterwards, enter your password to log in to your account.
  • You will notice a blank place to enter the code from your TV after successfully logging in.
  • To use the Starz App to connect to your Smart TV, enter the code.
  • Select “Submit” from the menu.

You must activate the service at “” if you reside in France.

How can I use to activate Starz on Apple TV?

  • Go to your Apple TV’s Home screen and select App Store to activate Starz. iTunes Store
  • find to find the application and download it to the hardware
  • Open the app and sign in using your account information (email as well as password)
  • To activate the streaming service, go to, enter the activation code that appears on the Apple TV screen, and then hit submit.

How to Make Starz Available on Xfinity?

You need an X1 set-top device to stream video on Xfinity. For your box’s service to be activated:

  • To display guide information, press the “Guide” button on your device’s remote control.
  • Select the channel you wish to add to your list of favourites.
  • Launch the Starz channel, then select it to add it.
  • A code from Xfinity will appear on your TV screen.
  • Enter the activation code that was shown on your TV screen at on your phone or laptop.

Want to use to activate Starz on your PlayStation 4?

  • Starz is regrettably no longer accessible on PlayStation 4.
  • However, you can download the Starz application for your iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices if the app doesn’t support your operating system (Samsung, Sony, Google, and others.)

Utilizing STARZ to stream

  • Any gadget that supports STARZ can easily have it added.
  • The machine authorization process takes just one second and appears to be error-free.

How to fix the Starz app if it isn’t working

Fixing You can quickly fix the issue and resume watching your favourite TV series and movies:

To solve the issue:

  • Access your account by using the Starz website. website for Starz
  • Eliminate the app from the gadget that it isn’t functioning on.
  • Start the computer, then restart it before installing the program.
  • After launching the app, log into your account.

I can’t get Starz to work.

  • Fixing When the activation fails, Starz TV frequently experiences a different problem.
  • You can attempt again several hours later if the issue is only transitory and stems from anything like a server that isn’t operating as it should.
  • Customers have, however, expressed dissatisfaction with some services’ inability to confirm the activation procedure.
  • Whenever they activate through Comcast, for instance.
  • The best option in this case is to utilize a different device that isn’t having inactivation problems.
  • One of the most well-known TV-everywhere streaming services that let you stream video to numerous devices is Starz.
  • The best streaming-capable devices are listed here, along with instructions on how to connect to the channel and enable streaming.


Starz.Com Activate Roku: What is It?

Starz.Com Users can activate Starz for Roku by going to the URL Active Roku.

Where can I find a Starz activation code?

By connecting in with your email address on Starz.Com to activate, you can get the Starz activation code.

Starz Activate: What is it?

TV episodes and series can be streamed online through the US TV network channel Starz. Installing the Starz app on your device is required before using the Starz Channel. Additionally, a special activation code must be used to activate the channel.

Is it possible to watch Starz without a login?

Because Starz is a subscription service, you cannot use it for free. For individuals who are signing up for the service for the first time, there is a free trial option. Your trial can be cancelled at any time.

What is the process for getting a Starz activation code for my TV?

Log onto the Starz app with your membership account to access the Starz activation key. You cannot enable Starz on your TV if you do not have a Starz membership.

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