Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance? The Facts and Best Plans

Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance? The Facts and Best Plans

Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance? The Facts and Best Plans

Are you thinking of getting smartphone insurance? Is it worthwhile to purchase insurance? What type of Cell Phone Insurance should you get?

According to polls, over 33% of smartphone owners have misplaced or destroyed their devices. If the prospect of this occurring to you makes you nervous, consider phone insurance.

But what is covered by smartphone insurance? How much does it cost? Is cell phone insurance worthwhile? Let’s have a look.

Cell Phone Insurance: Why Do You Need It?

The majority of consumers reach the conclusion of their mobile phone contract with just little damage to the device. Others have had less success.

We’ve all heard stories of people losing their phones in drains, toilets, and sinks. Devices have also dropped from bridges, train stations, vehicle tops, strollers, and even boats. There’s also the possibility of smartphone theft to consider.

While Android users may use specific smartphone applications to prevent theft, iPhone users can utilize the Find My iPhone app. However, if your phone has been stolen and deleted, you will never see it again.

This is where phone insurance really shines.

What Does Phone Insurance?

You can purchase phone insurance and insure following things:

Cracked screens & water/liquid damage are examples of accidental damage.

Loss \sTheftMechanical failure
Warranty does not cover malfunctions.

Purchasing mobile phone insurance for your Android or iPhone provides you with piece of mind. You can rest certain that your phone will be replaced or fixed if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

However, keep in mind that most insurance policies include an excess and you have to pay it as part of the claim. Normally, this costs roughly $99. You may want to avoid insurers who require a deductible, excess, or additional cost.

Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance? The Facts and Best Plans

iPhones and other high-end gadgets (such as the Samsung Galaxy S series) command a greater price. Because they are highly sought products, they are more likely to be stolen. Keep in mind that insurers will charge extra for these phones and will likely scrutinize claims more closely.

Consider about the risk to your phone before joining up. For the forgetful, we recommend loss or theft coverage; for the clumsy, unintentional damage coverage is recommended.

Will Phone Insurance Providers Pay?

However, getting insured is only one side of the equation. The actual challenge is getting the insurance companies to pay out. Insurers are increasingly less interested in paying out much more interested in failing to meet their obligations. While the sales copy may make insurance appear appealing, the fine print is a different story.

For example, if your phone is taken from an empty bar table, you may anticipate the insurance to be displeased with the payment. When the table is completely crowded, however, the item is frequently snatched away without being seen.

Insurance companies may refuse to pay out if you make blunders like these. Use the finest mobile phone monitoring tool for your device to provide an extra degree of security.

Should you really pay $20 in insurance over the course of 24 months just to discover that you’ve overpaid by $480? It’s a risk you don’t need to take if you’re not convinced an insurance will pay up. You might put that money toward a new phone instead of dealing with the insurer’s refusal.

Best iPhone and Android Phone Insurance

When it comes to smartphone insurance, the first step is to see what the warranty covers. While theft and flushing the phone down the toilet are doubtful, mechanical and technological failures are likely to be covered.

If this is all the protection you require, that’s fantastic! If not, consider an Asurion protection plan to prolong the warranty.

3 Year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support from ASURION

Asurion’s mobile phone insurance offers a variety of coverage choices for broken smartphones and tablets. Asurion is a straightforward insurance plan that effectively extends your manufacturer’s warranty. Asurion’s base package includes:

Surge of electricity
Following the manufacturer’s warranty period:
– Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
– Materials and craftsmanship flaws
– Failures caused by ordinary wear and tear
– Dust, heat, and humidity failures

– 24 /7 technical assistance
Purchase price refunded as an Amazon e-gift card or device replaced
Depending on your equipment, it may then cover you for a variety of problems. Some insurance, for example, cover “drops, spills, and broken screens” “from day one,” while others do not.

As a result, it excludes drops, cracked screens, liquid damage, loss, theft, cosmetic damage to a useful product, consumable replacements, and warranty-covered failures.

This may be inflexible for you, but if you’re only concerned with the manufacturer’s warranty restrictions, Asurion may be a suitable option. Asurion provides insurance services to networks like AT&T and Sprint, so you may have heard of them.

Asurion is helpful. They provide insurance packages at various pricing levels.

The ASURION 3 Year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support, for example, includes the basic coverage mentioned above. It also protects against spills, drops, and damaged displays.


Purchased an iPhone? Repair coverage is limited to one year by default, however AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss can extend it.

Every 24 months, AppleCare+ covers up to two incidences of unintentional damage. Service fees and taxes apply to each occurrence.
AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss includes all of the above, as well as theft and loss.
Screen damage, for example, will cost you $29 to fix. This is comparable to the cost of a local phone repair business.

There are numerous deductible costs with AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. Prices are updated on the AppleCare+ page.


eSurranty is a good alternative for purchasing coverage for any luxury phone, including iPhone, Samsung, & Google Pixel handsets.

Damage, loss, and theft packages are offered, with the latter commencing 45 days after the insurance begins. There’s also the option of an express replacement, albeit most replacements come with deductible expenses.

eSurranty coverage is transferable, which is beneficial when upgrading to a new device. However, claims are restricted by their kind.

Samsung Premium Care

If you have a Samsung phone, you may rely on the warranty or purchase the Samsung Premium Care protection plan to extend it. A $99 plan for Galaxy S smartphones and a $129 plan for other flagships are available (such as the Galaxy Note). There are monthly payment options available.

While most phone insurance companies give a courier service, Samsung offers the option of sending the device away or having it repaired in your home.

In our experience, doorstep repair (which is performed by a third-party repair crew) is riddled with supply chain and dependability difficulties. It is normally preferable to send the equipment away rather than waiting at home for the engineer to arrive with the necessary parts.

Protect your device from theft and damage

Other types of electronic insurance are also available. For example, you may purchase the ASURION 3 Year Electronics Protection Plan to safeguard a printer or a desktop PC against failure.

Meanwhile, Asurion may assist with gadget insurance for the office. For office equipment, it provides the ASURION 4 Year Office Equipment Protection Plan.

In reality, you generally won’t need phone insurance for inexpensive phones. After all, phones that are less expensive than the excess fee aren’t worth insuring. However, purchasing insurance for a pricey Android or iPhone is a wise decision. It safeguards your investment, provides a reasonable replacement, and allows you to rejoin fast.

For You, the Best Cell Phone Insurance

Whatever happens; if you’re going to get electronic device insurance, take your time. Select the most appropriate deal for your device. Then use, and budget. This might entail following the advice above or looking around for phone insurance from firms that provide plans that meet your needs.

Do you have a damaged screen but no phone insurance? Here’s how to fix a cracked phone screen on your own.

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