Can People Choose a Digital Wireless Microphone for the iPhone?

Can People Choose a Digital Wireless Microphone for the iPhone?

Can People Choose a Digital Wireless Microphone for the iPhone?

Content creation has been booming in 2022, with content creators earning over $1 million annually. How? By using high-quality devices.

Getting yourself a lavalier mic for your iPhone helps you capture clear and crisp audio. You can create unique quality content with stable audio in many different scenarios. The concealability is perhaps the best part about the lavalier mic for iPhones.

If you want to get the best external microphone for your device, check out this article.

Why Invest in an External Microphone for Your iPhone?

This is a well-known fact that Apple makes its products with no compromise in quality. The iOS devices offer a closed environment which keeps users’ data and devices safe from external malware, amongst other threats. The hardware backing the iPhones is no joke. The Apple Bionic chipsets have top-tier speed and efficiency.

Content creators worldwide are shifting towards powerful mobile devices rather than big bulky camera equipment. This shift is happening due to the versatility, freedom, and quality these devices offer. The iPhones are powerful devices and are capable of much more than what an average smartphone is used for.

Even though the iPhone is stacked with an amazing camera and software to back it up, the iPhone has one weakness. The microphone is not content creation friendly. It catches too much noise, has low range, poor latency, and records a lot of distortion. All of these reasons caused content creators to use external microphones.

A digital wireless microphone changes how your content sounds to how your content ranks on the search engine. Google’s algorithm supports only top-quality content to rank high. Using an external lavalier mic for iPhone could potentially lead to more exposure to your content.

How Do You Connect an External Microphone to the iPhone?


There are several options on the market when it comes to digital wireless microphones. Let’s check out how they connect to the iPhone and help you find the best one.

3.5mm Jack, Got Any Options?

Even if your iPhone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, you still need to choose wisely. Apple only allows the TRRS jack to plug in and function successfully in iPhones. Common microphones come with TRS connectivity. iPhone-compatible microphones come with TRRS jacks which are supported by iOS software.

Is Wireless the Way to Go?

Lavalier mics for mobile phone often come in wired and wireless options. If you want to make content with your iPhone, chances are you want to be versatile.

The best way to create content without any bounds is to go wireless. Because digital wireless microphones come in various options, and some offer unbeatable features with an overall great package.

How to Choose the Best Microphone?

The most important factor to see if you are looking for an external microphone is its connectivity method. The Lark C1 of Hollyland is a great example of how to do an external microphone right. It can easily connect directly to your device, allowing for an easy plug-and-play function. Other microphones on the market don’t offer an easy plug-and-play function with iPhone compatibility and no wires. So it saves you the hassle of sorting out jumbled wires.

The Best External Mic for Your iPhone


The Hollyland Lark C1 has an extensive range of features. It comes with some crucial features in combination with premium ones. Hollyland offers two different individual variants for both iPhone and Android. They are on top of the respective operating system so that they have unmatched compatibility with the target devices. The RX and TX are the two variants of the Lark C1 offered by Hollyland.

Let’s see what Hollyland’s Lark C1 has for us in its package:

  • Made for iPhone Certified

The Lark C1 is certified by Apple and is a part of the MFi program. The microphone has had its hardware thoroughly analyzed and vetted by Apple. This ensures the device is compatible and provides secure use with the iPhone. The drivers and other preinstalled software allow for smooth plug and play, so you can get recording in no time. The transmitter is small and lightweight, making it perfect for direct connections with your iPhone.

  • One-Switch Noise Cancellation

Hollyland Lark C1 offers you top-quality noise cancellation. The microphone comes with a switch which allows you to toggle its noise cancellation on and off with ease. This gives you more control over the content you create. It features active noise cancellation, which is far superior and is preferred by many content creators. It helps remove any noise or distortion in the audio allowing for a clear and simple recording.

  • Non-Stop Recording with Active Charging

The Lark C1 supports active charging. It allows users to use the microphone while charging it. This is a treat to have; even if you forgot to charge your microphone, there is no need to worry. Just connect the device to a power source and start recording. The best part is that active charging has no adverse effects on the audio quality. So you can enjoy creating top-quality content with no interruptions.

  • Longer Battery & Better Performance

The Lark C1 Duo has a battery time of about 32 hours with its charging case. Each of the Lark C1 transmitters features 8 hours of individual power. Summing the total battery time for more than a day. This large battery size, coupled with active charging, allows for non-stop content creation with zero stress.

  • Amazing Latency & Even Better Range

Hollyland Lark C1 gives its users the best latency and range on the market. With over 650 feet of range and only 0.02 seconds of latency, the Lark C1 is truly unbeatable. You can easily cover large-scale events or live stream with no interference or downgrades in quality.

 Bottom Line


The Lark C1 is a lavalier mic for Android and iOS alike. It offers MFi certification and comes packed with essential useful features. Active charging with a long battery life makes your content creation journey easy and simple.

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