101 of the Best Customer Experience Quotes

Everywhere on the internet are customer service quotations or marketing quotes, as well as sales quotes, but seldom are we able to find a collection of quotes solely focused on the customer experience. 

The field of customer experience has grown to prominence, searches for the term “customer experience steadily increasing over the past few years. growth is IQ Author Tiffani Bova recently released the fact that Google searches for the term “customer satisfaction” have almost tripled over the past decade, and the” customer experience” is on the rise to an all-time record (2004-2019). 

This list contains 101 of the most popular customer satisfaction quotes. I hope that one of these quotes will inspire you to work to improve your business’s performance by becoming more user-centric. Check out our motivational sales quotes funny

Customer Experience Quotations

“We think of our customers as guests invited to a celebration and we’re the hosts. Every day, we strive to improve every aspect of the customer experience just a tiny bit better.” Jeff Bezos

“It requires 20 years of time to create reputation, and just five minutes to destroy it. If you consider this then you’ll think differently about your actions.” — Warren Buffett

“CXM is the skill and art of generating lifelong loyalty from everyday transactions.” Steve Curtin

“Customer experience isn’t a cost. The management of customer experience can help strengthen your company’s image.” Stan Phelps. Stan Phelps

“The customer’s perception of yours is what you will experience.” Kate Zabriskie

“I’ve discovered that people forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, however, the people won’t forget the way they felt when you touched them.” – Maya Angelou

“The greatest risk is not making any commitment to risk. In an environment which is rapidly changing the only method that will be unsuccessful is to not take risks.” Mark Zuckerberg

“A Customer is our most valuable person to visit on our premises. He does not depend on us. We depend on him. He does not interfere with our work. He is the main reason behind it. There is no outsider to our business. He is a part of it. We aren’t doing him an favor by helping him. He is simply doing us a favor by providing us the chance to serve him.” Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi

“There can only be one boss. It is the customer.” Sam Walton. Sam Walton

“You cannot transform something that you don’t fully understand. If you don’t know is the present state user experience, then how could you design the ideal new condition?” – Annette Franz

“Make your customer the protagonist in your tale.” Ann Handley

“Whatever you choose to do, do it right. Make sure that when others see your actions they’ll want to return and watch the same thing repeatedly, and will wish to invite others to join them to show how you can do the things you are good at.” — Walt Disney

“If you don’t care, your customer never will.” – Marlene Blaszczyk

“Always keep in mind that every person who you share been in a relationship, has an invisible symbol on their foreheads that reads “Make me feel important. So treat them accordingly” — Eric Philip Cowell

“Loyal customers They don’t simply return to suggest them, they demand that their friends purchase from you.” Chip Bell Chip Bell

“If you’re not looking after your customers, then your competitor will.” Bob Hooey

“Repeat your behavior or business practices is made bribed. It is important to earn loyalty.” Janet Robinson. Janet Robinson

“Customer experience should be on high on your priority list when it comes to the top priorities of your company. The customer experience is the new form of marketing.” Steve Cannon. Steve Cannon

“Make your marketing effective that people will spend money on it.” Jay Baer

“Quality in the product or service is not the thing is put in it. It’s what the consumer is able to get from it.” Peter Drucker

“Building an enjoyable customer experience doesn’t happen on its own. It is a result of planning.” Clare Muscuttt Clare Muscutt

“Exceptional customers’ experiences provide the sole sustainable way to differentiate your business.” — Kerry Bodine

“Don’t make a new wheel. Concentrate on winning only one person at the. Honest and sincere. Follow the rules of good behavior. There’s nothing extraordinary about this. This has been my principle. In order to make it work you must live it each day. Change your mind.” Robert Spector

“Customer experience is among the two pillars that are essential to retention of customers; the fact is, you cannot increase your sales if customers don’t remain loyal to you.” Jes Kirkwood – Jes Kirkwood

A Customer-Oriented Culture

“Innovation should be a key an integral part of your company culture. Customers are evolving faster than we are and if we don’t keep up, we’ll be in danger.” Ian Schafer

“Excellent client service” is most important task for any company! It’s the essence of the business and the reason why customers return. Without customers, there is no business!” – Connie Elder

“Our attitude towards others is a factor that determines the way they view us.” — Earl Nightingale

“Your mission statement might be displayed on your wall, however, your values are evident by the behavior that your workers display.” Elle Clarke Elle Clarke

“If we continuously exceed the expectations of our employees we will continue to surpass the expectations of our customers.” — Shep Hyken

“So take the time to take the time to get to know your customers. They are people. Make yourself human. It’s worth it.” — Kristin Smaby

“When the customer is first and stays with them, they will be the last.” Robert Half. Robert Half

“Our greatest asset is our customer! treat every client as if just one of them!” – Laurice Leitao

“If you don’t love your customers, somebody is going to.” Jason Langella Jason Langella

“The most valuable thing that you can offer to your customers would be time. Pay attention to their needs to discover their requirements. Then, you can determine a way to resolve the issues they face or meet their needs. Take care of the root and not only your symptoms.” – Ginger Conlon

“The crucial thing is to establish reasonable expectations for your customers and not simply be able to meet them, but over-deliver them in a variety of unexpected and useful ways.” Richard Branson Richard Branson

“Kind words are often short and simple to use however their meanings are really endless.” Mother Teresa Mother Teresa

“Revolve your life around your customer, and more customers will be centered around you.” Heather Williams Heather Williams

“You’re serving a client and not serving a life sentence. Find ways to have fun at your job.” Laurie McIntosh

“To get your respect (and eventually the love) of your clients first, you must be respectful of your customers. This is the reason why Golden Rule behavior is embraced by the majority of winning businesses.” — Colleen Barrett

“How you view your customers affects the way you react to them.” Marilyn Suttlettle Marilyn Suttle

“If people feel that they are in common with a business and are loyal to the company’s brand” Howard Schultz Howard Schultz

“Customers will never be a fan of a business until employees first love it.” Simon Sinek. Simon Sinek

“If your service isn’t to your client, your responsibility is to serve anyone who is.” Jan Carlzon. Jan Carlzon

“Everyone including the chief executive to the call center employee must be aware of what it is as a consumer.” Blake Morgan Blake Morgan

“A good design demonstrates respect for your client and shows that you’re either respectful of their time or what they want, and it’s a important element of everything you undertake.” — Penny Wilson

“You can have everything you desire in life by helping people to achieve what they desire.” Zig Ziglar. Zig Ziglar

“Ease your customers’ pain.” – Hazel Edwards

Affecting the customer in leadership

“Service In short is not just the thing you do, but what you do, but who are. It’s a way of living that you must apply to all you do, especially if you want to be able to bring it into your interactions with your customers.” — Betsy Sanders

“Successful people always look for ways to assist others. The unsuccessful are always asking”What’s in it for me?’ Brian Tracy

“Your client doesn’t really care about how you’re doing until they realize the importance of your attention.” Damon Richards. Damon Richards

“When you treat your customers better, they’ll always come back their investment.” — Kara Parlin

“The client is the reason we’re here. If we treat them with respect of them, they’ll be a the reason to keep coming back.” Jenny McKenzie Jenny McKenzieJenny McKenzie

“Worry about becoming better. Being larger will take care of itself. Take each customer one at a time and treat each one in the most efficient way possible.” Gary Comer

“People don’t really pay attention to how well you know until they realize how much you value them.” — Teddy Roosevelt

“The Customer: The person who indirectly contributes to your clothes, food and even your vacations. Do your best to be nice to them.” Gene Caballero

“The customer is the one who tells us how to keep in business, and it’s best we pay attention.” — Pamela Nelson

“If you only work to earn the money you earn, you’ll not achieve your money. However, if are passionate about what you do and you make the customer the first priority then success is yours.” Ray Kroc

“If you don’t have anyone in the room that you can turn to, then you need to be the only one.” — Jeannie Walters

“If you’re not interacting with your colleagues in your company, you’ll be unable to provide the service you’d like to provide your customers.” Lynn Skoczelas

“Being in a mindset of curiosity is being enthralled by your customers ‘ reactions.” Jake Knapp

“Leaders encourage collaboration by establishing trust and by facilitating relationships. They can help strengthen their colleagues by empowering self-determination and enhancing skills.” Deb Calvert. Deb Calvert

“Treat the customer the way you would like to be treated. Period!” – Brad Schweig

“Never forget about your the needs of your customers. Always focus on satisfying their expectations and needs.” Sue Duris. Sue Duris

Customer Service

“It it isn’t the company that is responsible for paying the wages. Employers are only responsible for funds … It’s the consumer who is the one to pay the wages.” Henry Ford. Henry Ford

“Your most dissatisfied customers are the best source of information.” — Bill Gates

“Courteous behavior can make a person become a walking advert.” — J.C. Penney

“Good customer service is cheaper than poor customers service.” — Sally Gronow

“Customer service shouldn’t be an area but should be an integral part of the whole company.” – Tony Hsieh

“Customer service provides an opportunity to surpass your customer’s expectations.” John Jantsch

“The reason for a business is to provide a client who in turn creates customers.” Shiv Singh Shiv Singh

“Customers do not expect you to be flawless. They will expect you to correct problems when they occur.” Donald Porter Donald Porter

“It is much simpler to be kind, respectful by putting yourself in the customers’ position and to try to figure out what you can do to assist them prior to asking for assistance, rather than trying to fix a broken relationship with a customer.” Mark Cuban Mark Cuban

“Only when the customer’s service is routine will a company be able to realize its full capabilities.” -” Than Merrill

“Customers do not really care about your policies. Find the need and address it. Explain to the customer the benefits they can accomplish.” — Alice Sesay Pope

“Always remember an old retail maxim that says: Customers remember the experience for a longer time than they will remember the cost.” Lauren Freedman. Lauren Freedman

“Here are some powerful, yet simple rule. Always offer people more than they think they will receive.” — Nelson Boswell

“Every interaction we have with a customer affects the likelihood of them coming to us again. We must be excellent each time, or else you’ll be losing them.” Kevin Stirtz

“The customer always has the in the right.” -Harry Gordon Selfridge

“A majority of people are prone to making up fancy claims about customer service but it’s really just an everyday, day-out, perpetual, unending, endless compassionate type of service.” Christopher McCormick Christopher McCormick

“We are now in the age of the customer. Nowadays offering customers exceptional customer service is crucial for building lasting relationships with customers and an established brand.” Jerry Gregoire Jerry Gregoire

“Great customer service does not mean that the customer always has their side It means that the customer will always be honored.” Chris LoCurto

Customer-Focused Marketing

“We do not want to force our ideas to our customers, we just need to provide the things they want.” – Laura Ashley

“Instead of focussing on competitors, concentrate on customers.” – Scott Cook

“The greater the number of advocates that you can have, less ads you’ll need to purchase.” – Dharmesh Shah

“The first step to surpassing your customers’ expectations is to be aware of their expectations.” Roy H. Williams Roy H. Williams

“Get closer than ever before to your customers. Close enough that you can inform them of what they want prior to them recognizing that it is their own.” Steve Jobs

“Make an individual customer, not sell.” Katherine Barchetti

“Satisfied customer is the greatest advertisement source” G.S. Alaglag – G.S. Alag

“The approach to winning an individual’s heart is beyond a loyalty plan. The process of making customers evangelists is about creating experiences that are worth being talked about.” Valeria Maltoni Valeria Maltoni

“No amount of advertising will fix the harm caused when it fails to adequately address the customer’s concerns.” — Albert Schindler

“If you can make a sale and make money, you earn. If you put in a lot of time and good customer service for a customer and you are able to earn a lot of money.” John Rohn

“Customers who are loyal to you will be more effective in marketing for you than you could possibly advertise yourself.” — Jeanne Bliss

“Your prospective customers must be more loyal to you than they dislike changes. People really dislike change.” — Erika Hall

“Want your customers to be enthralled by your designs? You will be able to make them fall in love with them. This is how people get enthusiastic about your designs. Being admired is very attractive.” Dana Chisnell Dana Chisnell

“Marketing is not the art of figuring out innovative ways to dispose of the products you create. It’s about making your customers feel valued.” Philip Kotler. Philip Kotler

“If you’re looking to build an excellent brand and provide an exchange of value with the customers… you need to be able to listen. that are able to connect with the customer , too.” Kelly Soligon

“People don’t buy just products they can easily perceive; they purchase your mindset that they feel” — Roxanne Emmerich

“It is not the responsibility of your customer to remember you, but it is your responsibility and obligation to ensure that they don’t have a possibility of forgetting about you.” Patricia Fripp

“Don’t try to dictate to the customer what he would like. If you’re trying to impress, you must be clever while showering. After that, get out, get to work, and help customers!” – Gene Buckley

“Just being satisfied with your customers isn’t enough anymore. If you truly want to be an enviable business, you need to build a fan base that is raving.” Ken Blanchard. Ken Blanchard

“Happy customers will be your greatest supporters and could become your most profitable group of salespeople.” Lisa Masiello. Lisa Masiello

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