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Top 5 Restaurants in Prato

Restaurants in Prato

Restaurants in Prato

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Prato is the abundance of cafes, restaurants, and bistros. That sprouts up around every corner and enliven the city’s streets and squares, allowing both locals and tourists to enjoy this magnificent historic center. Not a week goes by without a friend notifying me about a recently opened new cafe, Austria, or a gathering place. And I’m completely enamored with it.

I haven’t tried them all yet because there are so many, but I’m working on it. But, in the meantime, I’ll offer some that I’ve eaten and that is among my favorite places to eat in Prato – some new, some old:


This is the name of a new cocktail bar on Via Verdi 17: it’s worth going merely to enjoy the atmosphere. Which is reminiscent of a late-nineteenth-century drug store. A Tapas Bar called La Cova is located on Via Santa Trinita and has a distinct Spanish flavor. I’d also like to suggest La Locanda del Terzo Tempo, a beer shop that hosts themed happy hours [for example, I ate at the Mexican night], and La Bouvette, a café with a French soul. Close to Piazza del Duomo in the city center.

Camelot 3.0 has opened; for those of you who are familiar with the area, this is the younger brother of the historic tavern Camelot, which is located in Galcetello [a Prato neighborhood]. In September, they reopened No Cage in Violet Borgo Valsugana: a small place with live music for those who love the vegan lifestyle. Sulerlodeltracolo [all for sale], an old furniture store with a drink bar in the center, is a weird place across the Del Seraglio 36. Il Camarillo on Via San Fabiano has reopened with new management. And a little of interior restyling, while a Prato classic: Doors in Piazza Mercatale has changed its address.

[Still in the Mercatale Piazza, but now at number 86.].

Restaurants in Prato

Prato, as you can see, is always changing, evolving, and changing. The locations mentioned above are undoubtedly worth a visit. But don’t overlook the tried and true: my top five restaurants in Prato are:

1. Austria Sibbe, Piazza Mercatale 49, Tel. 0574 607509.

2. 0574830913, Soldino Duomo, route Della Sirena10/12, Soldino

3. Osteria “su” Santa Trinita, Via Neroni, Tel.0574 605899

If you’re going through Prato. Don’t miss out on some of the city’s most traditional dishes as well as some of Tuscany’s most famous recipes. I recommend scanning the menus of the restaurants indicated above for these dishes. The well-known Tuscan appetizer (or appetizer). pomodoro, ribollita, panzanella, minestra di pane, pan cotto, coccole con formaggio, pici, patate tortelli, zuppa toscana, castagnaccio, mantovana di Prato, cantucci, and pan con uva are some of the dishes available.

The restaurants above have a pleasant, rustic feel to them. The waiters in Tuscany greet you with a normal smile. You can spend the evening with friends eating these delicate and hidden Tuscan recipes made from local and seasonal ingredients.

Restaurants in Prato

4. 110 Piyasa Markatale, Tel. 0574 448619 and Inoteca

I recommend the “enotecas” if you’re searching for something a little more elegant and sophisticated. Razmataz is a restaurant in Prato’s historic city center where you can try modernized Tuscan cuisine. Each ingredient has been chosen with care. In a well-stocked wine cellar, you will also have the option to sample wines from several local wineries. A good choice would be a glass of Carmignano Rosso or Chianti Montalbano.

Restaurants in Prato

5. Tel No. 0574 400412 Moka, Piazza San Marco5

Would you like a slice of pizza? Would you like a four-course cheesecake downtown?

I recommend that you visit Mokha PizzeriaThe veteran “Pizza Napoleon” can be found here (Naples style pizza maker). He can not only make a basic pizza, but he also enjoys experimenting with tastes, which can give his culinary creations a unique flavor. It’s so good that it’s almost a shame to eat it!

Buon appetito!