Mercedes-Benz common problems

Mercedes-Benz common problems

Mercedes-Benz common problems

No matter what is the brand every car has its own problems. And besides, that whole car world has their common problems. It is the same with the Mercedes-Benz too.

Do you want to know what they are? Let’s go.

Not as many as other brands but Mercedes-Benz too has its own problems. Here in this article we provide you some of the most frequently mentioned problems in the Mercedes Benz cars. These problems are very common to all Mercedes-Benz car owners.

8 common problems that occur in Mercedes-Benz

  1. Rust
  2. Engine mounts
  3. Suspension and steering component
  4. Window regulators
  5. Catalytic converter
  6. Transmission problems
  7. Check engine light


This has been one of the biggest headaches regarding Mercedes-Benz cars. This is a serious issue. It doesn’t have anything to do with your good-conditioned engine. No matter what condition your engine is the rust doesn’t care about it and they do their job. Once we had an old Mercedes Benz with ran over 1 million miles with zero engine troubles. But the floor looked like a fishing net. The whole floor had been rusted out. We could easily saw the ground through those holes. It was actually a bit scary. It felt like the floor will break down to the ground in seconds.

Places you can find the rust in your Mercedes-Benz.

No matter it is new or old. Always stay alert about your car. You have to inspect your car very patiently and carefully. It will be very helpful if you could use a flashlight when you are doing that. Check carefully near the bumpers of your car. And also under the wheel wells too. Maybe you could already see some Rust over there. So hurry and check. And don’t forget the mirror quarter panels and front fenders. They can easily get rusted. Very careful because once it developed the rust. Because the expense will be too much to bear. Don’t let your car to develop rust. Hurry up go and check your car before it gets too late.

And there is another place that could easily get rusted. Keep in mind to always check behind your license plates. This place is one of the most ignorable places or don’t care places. So be aware. And don’t be late .go and check it now before you forget.

And another very common place that can be rusted in Mercedes Benz cars are their doors. Not the whole door. But the bottom of the door. This is a very common place that you can note rust is developing. Don’t let the rust spread! Go and fix it today.

Engine mounts

Here is another part of your Mercedes-Benz that can be often damaged. The engine mounts of Mercedes Benz cars are oil filled ones. It contains the oil. These filled oils help to prevent the vibration transmission. It means transmission of vibration from engine to the cabin. In order to give you a comfortable ride.

This won’t happen very suddenly. This happens when your mileage increases. That means according to your car’s mileage. If your car is around 100,000 miles these oils will start to lose. But you don’t have to worry. You will notice it before all the oil has gone. And you will sense more vibrations than usual when you are having a ride. You will feel them when you are in the seat or if you touch the cabin. And you can feel this on the steering wheel while you are driving.

And when we are talking about the price of engine mounts of Mercedes-Benz it is not too much or less. It is reasonable. There is another opportunity you can have. You can buy these parts online. You don’t have the shop.

Replacing these engine mounts may take few hours. Most of the time it will take from 4 hours to 6 hours to be done this job.

Steering components and suspension unit of Mercedes-Benz.

Issues regarding Mercedes-Benz car’s steering components and suspicion will come to you more sooner than you expect. They can be easily wear out. This also related with the mileage of your car. If it is over a hundred thousand miles bendy issues will start to appear. So you have to be aware of the condition of your car when it has reached around 90,000 miles. You better run a state inspection. There you will find some failures in your Mercedes-Benz. We said this fact specifically with our experiences of used Mercedes Benz cars.

If you check the sway bar link, ball joints, and control arm bushings on your Mercedes-Benz, you will find that they are worn out way more than you think. So hurry up and take a look.

Window regulators in Mercedes-Benz.

Window regulators of your car do hard work than you think. Whenever we press the button it always goes up and lowers down your window. So it really is a lot of work. So they have a great chance to fail after a few years.

And this is not only a Mercedes-Benz thing. It is very common in almost every car brand. So don’t worry. These Window Regulators can be repaired or replaced very easily. And the cost is almost nothing.

If you have the talent and a little bit of patience this can be fixed by yourself home alone. You only need few equipment from your garage store. So try to fix this problem by yourself. If not your mechanic will take between $400 to $500 for this quick simple fix.

As our experience on Mercedes-Benz cars, this particular problem mostly occurs on Mercedes Benz ML-Class and C-Class.

Air-matic components

Mercedes-Benz’s oldest cars didn’t had an air suspension unit. They introduced these air suspension components from class W220 and after that from E-Class W211. This was a huge turning point. It really does a great job to your car by replacing the shocks and struts of your car.

Even though this was one of the most useful features, they are some disadvantages too. Those days when they add this feature to the Mercedes-Benz, it was a disaster. It was entirely a failure. The reason is that when it broke they didn’t have enough replacement parts. They had very few and they were so expensive.

But now you don’t have to worry. In present days you can find so many second Market, if not used replacement parts. They are available at so many stores and the price is very reasonable too.

And please note that each and every Mercedes-Benz model doesn’t have an air suspension unit. So this can’t be applied for every Mercedes-Benz model.

Some of the most failing air suspension components in Mercedes Benz models are,

  • Air suspension bag
  • Suspension air compressor
  • Suspension relay

Catalytic converter

This is another issue generating place in your Mercedes Benz car. The catalytic converter of Mercedes-Benz is also a city failing.  Most of the cars that we get to our service stations have this problem. We don’t know why. Especially when they have reached to the 6,000 miles Limit.

This happens catalytic converter got clogged. This happens according to your mileage. And this leads your car to become less effective. And this cause to trigger the oxygen sensors of your car too. This all together can mess up your catalytic converter. That will indicate your service engine light or check engine light spontaneously.

And these issues with catalytic converters may cause some other performance failures too. It will not in just by indicating lights. You may notice some misfires too. Like suddenly turning on the signal lights, working of wipers, etc. These signs suggest you that it’s time to replace your catalytic converter.

And here we have an issue again. Replacing the catalytic converter of your Mercedes-Benz can be very expensive. It can vary according to your model. But the average cost can be taken up to 4000 dollars. But don’t worry. We know that this price is out of the budget of most of you. So they are some alternative methods. One of the easiest ones is trying to install a universal catalytic converter. You can find it online. It will be up a little help to balance your budget. But still, you will be needing a trip to a service station or a muffler shop to weld it properly to your car.

Transmission problems

Mercedes Benz transmission system is very popular for its strength and healthy Ness. Nick top speed transmission system is automatic and very well built. But no matter how good the reputation is there is always a weak point. That philosophy is the same with this too.

Mercedes Benz has a quiet reputation for its bulletproof transmission. Yet that reputation is damaged by its issues regarding the valve body and the 13-pin connector.

They get more repairs than you expect. Barberton matter of joy that they take a low cost to fix the issue. So you don’t have to worry about the expenses. And it is not very hard work to do. You can fix this issue just by removing the transmission from your car.

Check engine light

Even though you don’t have any engine troubles this indicator will pop up. They are amenities of the course that issue. But one of the most common reasons is the untighten gas cap. That means after you filled the gas in your car you haven’t tighten your gas cap properly. So make sure to tighten your gas cap after the filling. If not the light ‘check engine’ will indicate on your dashboard.

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