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How to start a car rental business in Ireland?

More than 14,000 companies have been opened in Ireland since 2008. And the cost of registered assets is €2.2 trillion. The reason for this is low taxes and simplified registration procedures. This also applies to the car rental business in Ireland. It can be done the old fashioned way: with manual reporting, setting up and optimizing business processes. Or you can use a modern solution where you only need a website and software. But how will this help launch your car rental business in Ireland quickly?

Create a website for making money on car rental in Ireland

To get started, you will need a site with WordPress, the most popular CMS. No complicated designs, technical solutions or lines of unique but useless code. The WordPress engine is simple and intuitive.

The site is launched, what’s next?

Get started with RentSyst. This is a plugin that will allow you to manage your fleet and earn money from car rental in Ireland. The entire service is hosted in the cloud. You don’t need equipment to work. It is enough to download the RentSyst plugin and install it on a WordPress site.

The RentSyst plugin helps you add cars to your site that your customers will use. With it, you will be able to:

  • Track the location of vehicles via GPS. Remotely control door locks, turn on and block the engine, record overspeeding, monitor fuel consumption and other indicators.
  • Control the loading of each car, offering the best service for customers. Literally manage the booking of any fleet vehicle right from your smartphone. And if you are not sure if this car booking system is right for you, try the demo version.
  • Run your own business. Automate routine operations and get comprehensive reports. The CRM system will provide you with full functionality for vehicle rental management.

That is, a website, vehicles and the RentSyst plugin? Is that all it takes to start your car rental business in Ireland? Let’s take a look at the step by step guide.

Step by step guide to starting a rental business in Ireland

So, you have created your site on WordPress, you already have cars for rent, it remains only to match everything together.

  1. Register a personal account in the RentSyst system. The process is very simple: confirm your email, enter your phone number, familiarize yourself with the interface.
  2. Complete the basic account setup. Fill in the required fields, specify the data for feedback. Setting up an account will allow you to fully use the potential of the system.
  3. Add the cars you want to rent to your account. Enter the requested information carefully. Most often, errors occur at this stage.
  4. Go to your site and install the free plugin from RentSyst. To do this, you need to upload the plugin folder to the WordPress plugin directory wp-content/plugins/. Then go to the admin panel in the Plugins section and activate the downloaded plugin.
  5. Connect your account. Use the Login and Password that you entered during registration and enjoy all the benefits of the service!

Where to look for support if something goes wrong with the rental business?

When you run a business yourself, you always take the fall yourself. But with affiliate products, you can always count on support. If you have any questions, RentSyst will help you solve them and set up your account correctly. Do you prefer doing everything on your own? You can find detailed setup instructions on the company’s website.

RentSyst is your functional pocket office for your car rental business.